Countdown to Cougar Town (It's almost time and the winners!)

Are you ready? The moment we have been waiting for is just minutes away!
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February 15, 2012
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I can hardly contain myself right now. I'm positively giddy. I feel like a kid on Christmas. Who knew one show could spark so much excitement for me/us?

I was also having having hysterical fits of laughter reading your submissions for

what you would like to see

. You people are FUNNY! Picking winners is not my favorite thing in the world as I don't want anyone to feel their ideas were less than worthy. But this is a contest after all, so I sucked it up and picked one winner from the comments and one from the emails I received.

From Emily via email submission:

And this gem from Allan via the comments:

You all rock and your ideas were totally awesome. Now go get ready to laugh your asses off! Hooray for

Cougar Town Season Three!

Oh, and happy Valentine's Day! XO