IMPORTANT WEEKEND QUESTION: What Do You Binge-Watch For Comfort?

I probably wouldn't be sober without "Gilmore Girls."
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March 21, 2015
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I probably wouldn't be sober without "Gilmore Girls."

When I first quit drinking, I was literally incapable of being alone in my house. Something about just sitting there with just myself, and no chemical buffer between me and my feelings, truly horrified me. Whenever my boyfriend was out for the night or, even worse, out of town, I would have to go to midnight meetings, stay with friends, or keep my mind occupied by binge-watching episode after episode of "Gilmore Girls."

I worked my way through all 7 seasons and then started on "House," with its comfortingly predictable format that kept me sober for another 8 seasons. By that time, I was able to start to sit with myself occasionally without checking out with an alternate television reality.

More recently, when I moved into my own place for the first time after a breakup, I binge-watched "Louie" on my new couch while Netflix gave me that "Oh, hey, are you still sitting in your own filth watching TV?" message every few hours. I found Louie's fictionalized divorce and shared custody to be immensely reassuring. Louie's TV kids seemed OK, so maybe mine would be OK too.

Now that I'm thinking about it, it was partly TV that got me through the years of childhood bullying and family dysfunction. The boys at school may have called me "lardass" and thrown my glasses over the fence, but I had friends on shows like "Saved by the Bell" (and weirder syndicated fare like "Night Court.")

Things are a little stressful around Chez McCombs right now and I've found that "Parks and Recreation" is just the blast of positivity I need to balance things out. But I'm blazing through these episodes pretty fast and it won't be long be long before I'm through with the series, so I need new ideas.

What do you binge-watch for comfort? Has a television show ever gotten you through something hard? Should I just start watching "Gilmore Girls" again from the beginning?