Can We Talk SXSW? And Does Jane Have Enough Nerd Cred to Rock It Properly?

Nobody likes being called a "fake geek girl." Jane obviously is not, but I'm nervous for her to be in the heart of the festival that birthed Twitter. How does one top that?
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February 21, 2013
sxsw, nerd cred

We are so excited for Jane's SXSW panel it's the main thing we are talking about around the office.

Are you going? Jane wants to meet you!

When we were talking about it, the other day it hit me, like a concerned codependent child: Will mom (Jane) be able to hold her own at what is quite possibly the hippest place on the planet?

I mean, don't get me wrong, Jane is very hip. Dude, the woman discovered Chloe Sevigny. If you Google hip, you get THAT anecdote.

But we're talking about a festival that gave birth to the one and only social media phenomenon to rival Facebook: good old Twitter. It's hard to #imagine #life #without #it #now. But I feel like that's the bar for hipness that has been set.

At her talk, do you think she should unveil some xoJane brand of Twitter when she reveals all her secrets of being a publishing renegade? I would so love a Jane Pratt style version of social media. I think it would be everyone tweeting about things they never intended to confess or reveal.

Because my last embarrassing story? Oh yeah, JANE MADE ME DO THAT.

It's just what she does. That's her renegade-ness, I think. I'd like to see Biz Stone try to get someone to write about the most embarrassing and intimate details of their romantic life on the regs.

Yeah. Didn't think so. So maybe that is SXSW cred enough. But what else does she need to know to hold her own amongst the SXSW elite? Is "Wedge" or "Admiral Ackbar" or simply forcing in the phrase "It's a trap" the best "Star Wars" reference to casually drop?

I know Boomerang is a pretty dope app I've heard talked about lately if she needs to talk small-talk chat there -- oh and maybe she could bring up Snapchat, that crazy new photo self-destructing app, which I certainly can't ever imagine anyone would ever use for sexting.

As for panels, the hottest ones (outside of Jane's) I've heard about are: Elon Musk of Tesla Motors AND SpaceX; Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal; Nate Silver; and this NASA event to talk with astronauts.

Then again I guess she is the living breathing embodiment of cred, though. I mean, the woman has changed the way journalism is done permanently. She kind of paved the way for Twitter and Facebook with the whole "slumber party journalism" bent. Right?

I don't think you can out-cred that.

But, still, calm a concerned codependent child down, would you?

Any tips she should know for being able to rock SXSW like the queen of the ball?

Help, guys?

Are you going to go see her and say hi? (She may bring you up on stage, I've heard!)

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