Can the 90s Revival Include Female Singer-Songwriters, Please Please Please?

Where have all the Paula Coles gone?
Publish date:
May 9, 2011

I guess the 90s are back? And soon we're all going to be wearing Doc Martens and Elaine dresses [didn't Tavi write about bringing this back already?] and flannel and I can finally fully embrace Janeane Garofalo in "Reality Bites" as my style icon. (Ask Jane, I pretty much wore that yesterday.)

I'm cool with that. But can the music come back, too? Cause the clothes were all right, but what was really awesome about the 90s was that it was the decade "Women in Rock" became a "thing."[We made fun of this ridiculous marginalizing in Jane mag by doing a story on "Men In Rock" and asking them if they were more inclined to help other Men In Rock get ahead, etc. --Jane]

Remember? And every other song on the radio was by Suzanne Vega, Sarah Mclachlan, Paula Cole or one of the Tracys (Bonham and Chapman)? Oh, and Liz Phair! Lisa Loeb! Shirley Manson! PJ Harvey! I could go on all day! Remember Heather Nova?[No. --Jane] Or Shawn Colvin? There was a whole Lilith's Fair of them!

Will someone please put a song about my period [About your period? Oh, as in your era?? I want to hear the song about your period, personally. --Jane] on the radio?

Jane hates nostalgia, so I'll try not to get too gay about this, but I'd like to politely request a resurgence from the pop music puppeteers, because I'm not sure any of these people but Jewel and Gwen Stefani weathered the decade alive.

Meredith Brooks? Where are you?