The Same 5 Questions We Always Ask (Plus, A Few More): Brad Goreski

More revealing than a deep V, Brad talks tramp stamps, embellished jeans and scoping hotties with his significant other!
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June 14, 2012
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On an 80-degree afternoon, I meet Brad Goreski in New York City's Meatpacking District where he’s heading up Ebay's "Chic Squad," helping newbie sellers unload their unwanted merch online. He's examining a pair of unworn Balenciaga heels.

"I need those!" I declare, before we've been officially introduced. "Should I buy them?"

Like anyone who has followed his evolution from Rachel Zoe's frazzled assistant to full fashion icon, I'm under the false impression that I already know Brad. The star of Bravo's "It's a Brad Brad World" and author of "Born to Be Brad: My Life and Style, So Far" makes himself very accessible. He approves of the shoes.

I asked Brad the same five questions we always ask, plus a few more because his energy is infectious and talking with him doesn't feel like an interview.

Are you suppressing any urges right now?

The urge to eat anything with gluten, since I just became gluten free. I’m allergic to wheat, I just found out. It’s actually not as hard as I thought it would be but I realized my natural inclination when I’m hungry is basically to eat something with gluten in it.

I’m starving right now too. I can’t eat solids because I just had surgery on my mouth, so I feel you on that.

Bikini season!

I can still have alcohol.

Oh, you’re fine then. Summer Fridays!

If you were forced at gunpoint to get a tattoo, what would it be?

I appreciate tattoos; they’re just not very much my thing. If I had to get one I would get a bowtie and glasses. I would definitely want a tramp stamp. I love a tramp stamp. Is that an offensive term? Maybe in my next shoot I’ll get one of the models to have a really prominent tramp stamp.

What style trend would you rather die than be caught following?

Embellished jeans. Any kind of something extra on the pockets. I like Levis, I like J Brand -- clean, simple. The other one would be deep V-neck T-shirts. I don’t care how nice your chest is. I can’t handle it. It’s not a cute look and it will not go away. I feel like it just keeps getting worse. Just wear a cute tank top or a nice well fitting T-shirt. A guy in jeans and a T-shirt, there’s nothing better.

Have you ever faked an orgasm?

No! Guys don’t fake orgasms.

I’ve asked people that who are guys and they’ve said yes.

They’re sleeping with the wrong people.

Who’s on your "celebs to make out with" list right now?

I like them beefy. I’m not an R Patz person. I’m not a Taylor Lautner person. Jean Dujardin is kind of hot. Hugh Jackman I would make out with. Girls, I would makeout with Eva Mendes.

You've been with your man forever. What are your tips for making it work long term?

Never go to bed angry. Most things aren’t worth fighting over. It’s OK to be the first to apologize. Always having fun and listening. When you’re actually with your partner, texting is not listening and being there for people. Gary and I are celebrating 11 years in a month and it’s also allowing the person that you’re with to have their own life. He knows I need to have my nights out and go out dancing until 4 am and he doesn’t care. You have to still continue to live your life but you live it with somebody. Gary and I are very honest with each other. We like to celebrate each other.

Woof! We see something we like.

Do you guys have a hall pass? Is there one person that you can each sleep with if you get the chance to?

Uh, we haven’t discussed hall passes, but I think we should. That can be our dinner conversation. I’ll get back to you on that one. I work with beautiful people all the time. If we were sitting outside and saw that guy go by (points to passing hottie) we would both go “Oh my god, that guy is so hot.” To think that a relationship cuts you off from never noticing if someone else is beautiful? That’s kind of bullshit.

Brad and his man would both feel this dude.

What's the worst you've ever screwed someone over?

Well I kind of screwed myself over. Yesterday, we were setting up for a fitting and I pointed to three pairs of shoes, and I went, "Oh my god, these shoes are so ugly, I do not want them in the fitting," and my assistant said, "They're mine." So I kind of fucked myself over. I was like, "No, no, no, I mean I love them. They're really cute! I was just joking!"

What’s one piece of style advice that you would give to all women?

Allow yourself to play dress-up every day. And allow yourself to experiment and to not worry what other people are going to think of how you look. We focus way to much on the things that we hate about our bodies. I think it’s way more constructive especially when you’re shopping, to know what the great parts of your body are. We all have beautiful assets.

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