Hey You, What Are You Listening To Right Now?

Because I'm always looking for new tunes to add to my Rdio.
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April 28, 2015
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Sometime between high school and now, I stopped keeping up with music. Perhaps it was out of laziness, or from being overwhelmed by the vast amount of new music that is constantly being released, or maybe I was simply satisfied to dig through the back catalogs of artists I already enjoyed.

Whatever the reason was, I gradually became very unhip and out-of-the-loop, and got used to the fact that my dad was more up-to-date on the state of current music than I was (he's a very hip guy, he'll have you know.)

Getting back in to the retail scene last year had a weird side effect, however: I was discovering new music again. In the boutique where I work we always have the stereo hooked up to Songza, and through a few choice playlists ("Blogged 50" and "Today's Indie Rock," to name a few), I've been able to feel "with-it" again (I swear, I'm not actually a senior citizen).

Now, let's have a listen to some of the sort-of-new songs (released in the last year or so) that I've been thoroughly enjoying as a newly anointed citizen of the 21st century.

Foxygen "How Can You Really"

A running theme of this list will be that the songs are quite catchy, and this one is no exception. Foxygen are one of my favourite bands making music right now and the jangly piano and falsetto vocals on "How Can You Really" would be perfectly at home on a Todd Rundgren track. By the second time you hear the chorus you'll be crooning along. Imitating the dancing seen in the video is highly encouraged.

Susanne Sundfør "Delirious"

Hoo boy, what a voice this Norwegian girl has. Strong Viking blood, perhaps. Anyhow -- the first time I heard Susanne's soaring vocals was when she was featured on the M83 track "Oblivion," and I was hooked. Now with her new album, Ten Love Songs, I'm still in love, particularly with the track "Delirious." It starts out with a spooky opening worthy of a Nightmare On Elm Street and then bursts into dancey-yet-moody pop akin to fellow Scandinavian Robyn. Crank it up.

Tame Impala "Let It Happen"

Hallelujah, Tame Impala has returned with nearly 8 minutes of pure goodness. You're probably familiar with previous singles like "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards" and "Elephant" (I feel like it's been in a zillion car commercials), but with "Let It Happen" things are leaning a little more electronic than psych and I'm hearing hints of '90s Daft Punk. Tame Impala's other new single, "'Cause I'm A Man" is reminding me of '90s Air. Everything's a throwback!

Mac Demarco "Treat Her Better"

Ah, Mac's tunes are perfect for these first days of Spring. Lazy and dreamy, with lyrics that suggest a dude treat the women in his life better -- what's not to love?

  • You diggin' this stuff too?
  • What newish stuff are you on to? YouTube links encouraged!