IMPORTANT WEEKEND QUESTION: What's the Best Documentary You've Ever Seen?

And have you seen "Amy" yet?
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July 12, 2015
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Yesterday, I dragged my boyfriend into BAM looking like my most Winehouse-ian for a 3 p.m. screening of Amy, which I'd been dying to see because of how many people on my Facebook timeline had been gushing about how life-changing and like, soul-affirming it was and similarly intense statements.

As I liked Amy's music and style and am interested in drug and addiction-related things since I used to dump a lot of drugs into my body whenever possible, I expected to be interested in the subject matter. And I was, but maybe it the overhype or whatever, but I wasn't bowled over.

I thought the film was good, and it was sad and interesting to see pre-fame footage of Amy looking very healthy and being charming, but other than that I didn't feel like there was much in the film that everyone doesn't already know about Amy if they followed her story at all.

It didn't help that the power went out like 10 minutes before the end of the film and we all had to sit around and wait for it to come back on so we could see the part where she dies.

xoJane readers seem like a very documentary-centric crowd, so I thought I'd put the question to you: What's the best documentary (or documentaries) you've ever seen? And did you see Amy and find it life-changing and I'm just missing something?

For my part, some of my favorites are "The Imposter," "Living Dolls: the Making of a Child Beauty Queen," Born Into Brothels," "There's Something Wrong With Aunt Diane," "Dear Zachary," and "Crumb."