OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: Back To School (But Not Really)

Everybody deserves to feel that freshly academic vibe.
Publish date:
September 4, 2015
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I finished my academic career back in 2013 when I graduated from college, but when September comes around I still want to shop for new Fall clothes and stock up on highlighters and notebooks.

I guess I had that vibe in mind this week when I chose this outfit -- a fresh white H&M T-shirt, a vintage grey pleated mini skirt and black loafers. If only I had a class to attend.

Just because I'm not enrolled in any classes doesn't mean I plan on letting my brain go to rot. Instead I've been using Duolingo to refresh my French skills, and maybe next up I'll be trying Spanish. The app makes it so dang easy.

Have you been feeling the Back To School energy in the air this week?

Last week, you diligently shared your fantastic outfits and as always, I had a few favourites.

I loved the regal mix of purple and gold throughout in Buttercup Rocks' ensemble.

And, it doesn't exactly qualify as an outfit, the kittenpotpie's sharing of her gorgeous Agent Provocateur bras had me mighty jealous.

  • What have you been wearing this week?
  • Did you buy any grown-up back-to-school supplies?