Apropos of Nothing: Found Schadenfreude from IMDB Bios

Some weirdly poignant information you will never, ever use.

Wikipedia used to be a lot more fun. There was a time when it wasn't policed by disproportionately male personality-disorder-spectrum pedants taking 7-UP breaks from their IT jobs. Right now, it's a fallible if invaluable resource for resolving liquored up debates about "Chinese Democracy," was a lot less like Britannica and a lot more like the Hitchhiker's Guide.

Time was, anybody or anything could have a Wikipedia page and they were a lot more lax about what was relevant and what wasn't.

Thankfully, there's IMDB. Pretty much anybody can edit IMDB and there's no bit of minutia that's too minute. Did you know that Conrad Veidt, star or "Casablanca" and "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari," enjoyed pudding? Well, now you do. FOREVER.

There are way, way too many amazing IMDB bios to list here -- especially since IMDB so progressively includes several adult films and actors in its massive data bank -- so today I went with the theme of "Slightly Sad Non-Sequitur." Enjoy, and have fun digging up your own.