Are You Going to Watch "Anderson Live" Today With Jane Co-Hosting?

When I first saw Jane in her "Anderson Live" outfit I nearly passed out from how adorable she looks. Want to see? You'll have to watch today.
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April 15, 2013
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What are you doing at noon today?

I hope it's watching "Anderson Live" on FOX to see Jane look cuter than I've ever seen her look in a babydoll dress.

Perhaps it was the magical outfit that led her to kill it in her appearance because Anderson had an awesome synergy with her, especially when he teased her about her self-proclaimed title of "Worst Mom in the World."

I didn't know she let Charlotte walk around barefoot. My own hippie mom would approve.

I think this is why I love Jane so much. As opposed to most people who are so afraid of what people are thinking of them, Jane takes all of these concerns and owns them in a way that lets you look at your own "Worst [Fill in the Blank Titles] in the World."

And speaking of owning it, she tells an amazing story about discovering mid-massage that there was actual human saliva being used on her.

Did she stop the massage?

Does she actually encourage Anderson to put on a pair of bike shorts she brought for him to try on?

Well, watch the show at noon today to find out! And hashtag #andersonlive to tell Jane what you think of the dress that blew my mind.

Also, enjoy my Farrah Fawcett look (I loved it) that you can see the hair and makeup crew did a great job with before I appeared as their "guest blogger," which meant a couple fun closeups where I had to intensely type. I nervously ended up typing "lksjdflsdjflskdjfsdlfj" when they did -- so hopefully you can't read the screen.

Are you going to watch?


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