Things We Almost Won't Dignify With a Response -- Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla calls women chicks a lot, so I guess he is pretty naturally hilarious.

Look at my cool new iced tea rest! Hope I don't get too much sweaty iced tea condensation all over it.

Ugh. This is the response with which we will barely dignify the "Adam Carolla thing."

- Adam Carolla said some stupid things about women in an interview with the New York Post. Essentially, that women are not funny, make poor writers, and should not be hired for the same jobs as men. This was most likely in a bid to get attention for his new book, "Not Taco Bell Material."

- Most of the Internet disagreed with Adam Carolla.

- Adam Carolla's publicist sent me a copy of "Not Taco Bell Material" earlier in the month for review. I have not read it. I will not read it. With full knowledge of my irrelevance, I encourage you not to buy it and to not read it. I encourage you to encourage friends and family who ask if they should buy it or read it not to buy it or read it, although the case is probably that they do not care about Adam Carolla or his book, and will not ask. In this case, do not say anything. I encourage Adam's publicist and the people at Crown Archetype to encourage their authors not to sell books this way.

- Lovely man-writer-comedian Rob Delaney wrote a very nice response piece here.

- Here's another nice one from Carol Hartsell.

- And one from Jen Kirkman's dad.

- This is whole thing is very stupid.

Thank you, this has been a Not a Very Dignified Response to Adam Carolla.