You might be wondering why we are interviewing Aaron Carter, of all people, and the answer is that Cat wanted to!
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January 25, 2012
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You might be wondering why we are interviewing Aaron Carter, of all people, and the answer is that Cat wanted to! She'd rather xojane feature "teenybopper" celebrities than, say, feminist icons. Of course.

And then at the last second she passed him off to me, because she had to go to her non-boyfriend's dinner (and, well, she's Cat: predictably unpredictable). And then Cat got in trouble with Emily, and so she called me all paranoid and demanding, like, "Write that story like you are writing a celebrity profile for GQ, babe! Lots of intro! I need it to be extremely good!"

But it turned out I was the best person to interview Aaron Carter. He was awesome and I sort of love him and we got along amazingly, so no problem. Okay, per Cat, here is my "celebrity feature" intro...and then my interview.

P.S. He asked me to come see him in "The Fantasticks." Does that count as a date?

On a rainy evening earlier this week, Olivia and I went to visit Aaron Carter at his management's new office, a dark, sparsely furnished space in midtown Manhattan. When we arrived, Aaron's PR rep and manager were standing with the star in a conference room while his own music buzzed in the background (yes, his own music was playing, and yes, he still makes music).

Aaron didn't look up when we walked in, but paced around the room instead, humming softly to one of his songs over the speakers. His manager and PR duo led me into another room, where the interview would take place.

Like most celebrities, Aaron is extraordinarily thin, attractive and well groomed. He has sharp cheekbones, sunken eyes, and the weathered look of someone who's been working since childhood.

I was supposed to ask him all sorts of off-limits questions about rehab and Michael Jackson, per Cat's instructions, but he caught me off guard when he walked into the interview room.

"Oh my god, she looks just like my twin sister," he said when he saw me.

I thought he was joking, or being weird, I don't know. We don't really look alike!

"Get a picture of Angel," he said to no one in particular.

His manager disappeared into the conference room and came back with an iPhone photo of Angel, Aaron's real twin sister, wearing very little. Not wanting to see his sister almost undressed, he looked away. She's a model.

"How tall are you?" he asked.

"5'5," I admitted.

"She's 5'11", But you look just like her," he said again.


JULIE: What’s been going on lately, are you still super busy with the Fantasticks?AARON: Very busy, I have a show in three hours. On the weekends I do two each day, so I do one at like 2 and one at like 8. It’s a lot of work, yeah. It’s what I love to do. You know, entertaining and being busy, that’s when I’m at my most peaceful. So I’m in a very zen place.

I saw on somewhere that you DJed at Angels & Kings the other night. You got pretty into it, took the shirt off and everything. Is that kind of an "in the moment" thing?

I was really hot and I had this shirt that lights up that I had made, and it was like two layers of shirts and all these lights and stuff underneath and I was just hot. I thought the photographers were gone at that point. They came back!Who is on your celebrities to make out with list?I have quite a few…it’s the truth...umm...I would say…Kristin Stewart. She’s delicious. I’m trying to think of someone who’s single so I can actually do that (laughs). It’s a good way to get in touch, saying that you’re interested. Drake always does that.Miley Cyrus.Miley Cyrus?! She’s a little bit of a crazy girl.It’s OK. I had my crazy days too. Peer pressure doesn’t affect me. Even Miley Cyrus’s.I hope that it happens as a result of this. I would take credit.You should. Let’s make it happen.What is the closest you ever came to being arrested back in the day?I’ve been arrested before. Been there, done that. I had a pretty cool mugshot though. You know things happen, you get in trouble. You learn. That’s why they do it, so you learn.

What is the grossest thing that you have, I usually say to female celebrities, in your bag, but I don’t know if you carry a bag. So maybe in your pockets. Do you have anything disgusting in your pockets?Let me check. Oh my god, yeah I know! Oh, a nicotine patch. I’m on 23 days [without smoking]. I made it my New Year’s resolution and I did it. I feel like I’m a motivator, and I’m trying to get everyone else to do it.Get Olivia to do it. Olivia smokes.Yeah, girl, let me tell you something, don’t take offense to this. The black circles under your eyes will go away.Olivia: Are you saying I have black circles under my eyes?She’s been in Vegas.I just got back from Vegas yesterday.That might have something to do with it, or maybe it’s the 2,000 chemicals. I’m telling you, I started getting these black circles under my eyes, and I was like, "Oh my god, these are disgusting," so I quit. I made it a goal to quit. And all of a sudden my face is like, "Oh hey."

Have you ever faked an orgasm?Yeah. Mmhmm. I just wasn’t turned on by the girl. So I just faked it. Ahh, I’m done. I don’t think she knew.

So do you have any crazy stories as of recently being in New York and doing theatre? It’s a different scene here, and DJing, what’s the craziest thing a fan has done?I have an answer for both of those. The craziest thing a fan has ever done is climb up like 35 flights of balconies on the outside of a hotel where I was throwing paper airplanes outside to a crowd of like 10,000 fans. She climbed up and Ricky Martin was across the way because we were like competing. It was in Buenos Aires in Argentina. It was so funny, we were like competing for our fans. It was very strange. I won (laughs).So I read that you’re a fan of Justin Bieber. Do you have any advice for him? All I can say is appreciate your team, show them love. I’m not insinuating that he’s not doing so because that’s not the case, but your team makes you who you are, you know, you can’t go anywhere without a good team. Period. So love them, Justin.What do you see for the future? More acting, more theatre? Back in the studio?It’s all happening. It’s all actually happening right now. TV, film, Broadway, and music, and fashion. Modeling. That’s me. And like I said, that is because of my team and the motivation and the dedication and my managers, my publicists, my agent, they make me who I am. You can’t do it by yourself. Sorry, Justin Bieber, you can’t win a Grammy on your own. OK, I have to ask you another question because I’m a beauty writer. You’re always in front of the camera, and you grew up in front of the camera. What is your number one beauty product?Fast Response Eye Cream by M.A.C. It makes your tired eyes look better and if you have puffy eyes (looks at Olivia)… Sorry, I have a bunch of sisters.

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