It's Monday So Let's All Listen to These 5 Ultra-Cathartic Songs

Hi, I'm feeling a bunch of cliche feelings about "starting over" and "being on my own" and all kinds of nonsense so...MUSIC.
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April 25, 2016
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It is an indisputable fact that I will never be mysterious. Not only do I write on the internet — which gives me the impression that almost every thought I have is worth expressing — but I just naturally have no filter whatsoever. If you ask "how are you?" I will never say "fine." This isn't really good or bad, it's just how it is. (It may be bad.)

This particular personality trait translates into my bartenders knowing way too much about me (sorry guys!) but also lots of sad bastard music being posted on social media. If you follow me on Snapchat (clairelizlower, if you wanna play along at home), you may have seen the "Sunday Hymns" I post every Sunday morning. It's just a short clip of whatever I happen to be listening to, but it's usually introspective, vaguely inspirational, or both. I'm not a religious person, and I wouldn't even call myself "spiritual," but the closest I ever get to having something that feels vaguely what I imagine a religious experience to feel like is listening to a song that really "gets" me.

As you know from my last music post, I'm newly single and not handling it super well. I'm not sure why sharing these songs is particularly cathartic, listening to them should be enough, but putting them out there feels good, for some reason. Anyway, these are five of my personal "hymns" that I'm listening to and meditating on right now. Maybe they will be helpful to you as well.

"Come On Up To The House" — Tom Waits

Pretty obvious choice. This sounds like a song that would be sung in a church, but a church that wasn't very focused on God. Actually I wish Tom Waits would just start a religion already. I feel like that would take care of a lot of my problems.

Particularly helpful/inspiriting lyric: "You've been whipped by the forces that are inside you/ Come on up to the house."

"Ever Had A Little Faith" — Belle & Sebastian

So I've gotten over my whole "I can't listen to B&S because of dude associations" thing, and now I can't stop. This song off of their new album feels like Stuart Murdoch is singing directly to me which is maybe the corniest thing I've ever typed. Anyway, it makes me hopeful which is nice, and there's a little bit of tough love mixed in there.

Basically, this tune provides a little perspective and is gently encouraging. It's a nice "hang in there, champ."

Gently encouraging lyric: "Stop your sad pretense, you'll be doing fine/ You will flourish like a rose in June/ You Will flourish like a rose in June/ Ever had a little faith?"

"This Must Be The Place" — The Talking Heads

This song is basically a prayer. I don't feel like *this* currently *is* the place, but maybe if I play the song enough, and put a print with the song title up on my wall, we will eventually get there.

Spoiling myself because I'm very grumpy.

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Lyric that I hope will manifest one day: "We drift in and out
/ Sing into my mouth
/ Out of all those kinds of people
/ You got a face with a view."

"Square One" — Tom Petty

Hi, I've never lived alone and am feeling a bunch of cliche feelings about "starting over" and "being on my own" and all kinds of nonsense. Also I'm an overly sentimental person.

Hardest lyric to listen to: "It's a dark victory / You won and you are so lost / Told us you were satisfied, but it never came across."

"Wasp Nest" — The National

I don't know that this one could technically be referred to as a "hymn." It's more a of a theme song, really.

Most "It Me" Lyric: "You're cussing a storm in a cocktail dress / Your mother wore when she was young / Red sun saint around your neck / Wet martini in a paper cup."

What music helps you reset or provides some sort of grounding clarity? Is there a song you put on when you need so perspective or a mood shift?