5 Major Lies Soap Operas Told Me About Love

When you have a drunken hookup, it's sadly, just a hookup. What gives?
Publish date:
December 4, 2014

Growing up, I'd spend most afternoons after school visiting my grandma. We'd share a snack and we'd then watch "her stories"—generally, Days Of Our Lives on NBC, followed by the ABC soaps for the rest of the afternoon.

I was a relatively precocious child, but innocent in the ways of sex and relationships—hell, I didn't even probably kiss a boy until I was well into my latter teen years—but I got my formative sex education watching these soaps. Or, at least, what I believed was sex.

I think Grandma had faith in my ability to discern fact from fiction, and didn't know I was watching these steamy fests—or "love in the afternoon" as the promos called them—and believing they were the real deal.

Taking my romantic cues from soap operas has led to a great deal of complications in my real-life love scenarios.

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