"30 Rock" Head Writer Jack Burditt Gives Dish on Premiere for Last Season Ever Tonight

It's the season premiere of the final season of "30 Rock" so we asked head writer Jack Burditt to spill all the secrets behind tonight's big show!
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October 4, 2012
30 Rock, Jack Burditt

It's hard to believe that the season premiere of the final season ever of "30 Rock" is tonight at 8 p.m. We cornered the gracious Jack Burditt and forced him to tell us everything he's not supposed to about tonight's show!

Mandy: So what is the craziest thing that happens in the show tonight? Does anyone die?

Jack: Tonight is Jenna's (Jane Krakowski) bachelorette party, so this was the very first thing that we filmed for the season. And we filmed a lot of physical bits, and it was amazing. We asked her to do so much the first morning, and she was fantastic.

Mandy: How physical? Like a gymnast physical?

Jack: It's a lot of... she goes insane.

Mandy: How have the characters progressed do you think? Like is Tracy (Tracy Morgan) now the most responsible one?

Jack: Yeah, we actually hit it in this first episode. Tracy is married and has kids and is running a business and he's really the most stable adult in this entire "30 Rock" world, and in a weird way he is the most domesticated.

Mandy: Are you guys crying during the filming? Is it sad that it's the last season?

Jack: There's no tears yet, I would say, but there is a weirdness. It's like this is the last go around, and you know, everybody seems to be doing a lot more hanging around the set longer than they normally might because it is ending, and everybody realizes how special this time has been. Like right now, we're filming the fifth episode, and we just had a table read for the sixth episode, and it's starting to hit us that we're in the writer's room, and we're talking about the last three episodes. It's just really starting to sink in.

Mandy: Do you know what happens in the end, or do you have no idea?

Jack: We do know where we want all our main characters to wind up. We're building toward that, but we haven't figured out all the steps yet. But we have a real sense of where we want everybody at. And that's been different this season than the last seasons. We got together in June, and we talked about the season as a whole a lot more than we usually do. So there was a lot more bigger picture writing than I've ever experienced in any other writers' room ["Mad About You," "Frasier," "Just Shoot Me"].

Mandy: And what can we expect from the story arc tonight?

Jack: Part of it is just the catching up on the characters. We're continuing where we left off for a lot of them. At the end of last year, Jenna and Paul are still engaged, and like I said, tonight is going to be Jenna's bachelorette party so that's moving along.

Mandy: And what about Liz (Tina Fey)?

Jack: Liz is still with Chriss (James Marsden) and things are going well there, and Tracy has started his own movie studio -- like Tyler Perry.

Mandy: Awesome. And what about Jack (Alec Baldwin)?

Jack: Well Jack, his marriage ended, and you know he's throwing all his energy now into making NBC great. You know, so we think at the beginning Liz is concerned about him because of some of the choices that he's made. And there's a lot of making fun of NBC. In our "30 Rock" world where we portray NBC as a not successful network -- not as they really are.

Mandy: Right.

Jack: There's going to be a lot of fun promos of what shows Jack has greenlit for the new seasons. And we have a game show hosted by Steve Higgins, so that's a lot of fun.

Mandy: And what about Kenneth (Jack McBrayer)?

Jack: Well last season did have Hazel (Kristen Schaal) making a move to move in with Kenneth so they are continuing to live together, and they're having their first dinner party tonight.

Mandy: And how is at all going to end?

Jack: I can't say, but I can say that we're setting up the main story tonight, and that'll play all the way to the end.

Mandy: Can you tell me anything?

Jack: Well, I can say that Jack, whose goal from the pilot on has been to the CEO first of GE and then of Kabletown, now he has a plan on how that's going to happen, and we're going to see the hatching of that plan.


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