Ask A She-Hulk Handy Woman

There is only ONE place to go with a brassiere emergency.
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August 19, 2011
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Dear She-Hulk Handy Woman: What tool do I need to fix this shit? xo Emily

Dearest Emily,

Oooooo. I HATE when that happens. How the eff does it even do that? Some kind of washing or drying accident, right? INfuriating. Thankfully, unlike the 3 Mile Island of all brassiere melt-downs, the UNDERWIRE SNAP, this one's fixable.

Have I got the TOOL for YOU.

Needle-nose pliers. They will get right in there and you can twist that little metal deviant back into position.The name is not sexy (needle-dick?), but the device is a chic and pragmatic addition to any She-Hulky tool box.

And, YES, I'm not above stuffing my Handy Woman tool belt with Cynthia Rowley tools:

Genuine Article by Cynthia Rowley Red & Blue Needle Nose Pliers

And, NO, I'm not uncomfortable with that OTHER side of me that loves a transformational, pain-equals-pleasure Leatherman:

Leatherman Wave Black Oxide Multi-Tool, Stainless Steel with Needle Nose Pliers Head

And, MAYBE, I want to return to my original statement that, at it's clean and minimal best, needle-nose pliers is a chic and pragmatic device:

6" Long-Nose Pliers from

Emily, I hope you've found peace in this response. I'm a raging beast for tools, shopping, breasts and the things and people that support them. It's been an honor and privilege to serve you and your undergarments.

Hammer before glamour,

The She-Hulk Handy Woman

P.S. Got a question for this handy woman? Email me!