xoFood: It's Friday, You're Beautiful, YOU DESERVE THIS CAKE!

A little slice of this and you'll be in Victoria Sponge rhapsody.
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May 3, 2013
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The other day I posted a photo of a cake within one of my articles and got a whole host of comments about what in the name of delicious hellfire this cake was.

Well, good friends, it was the Victoria Sponge, a British go-to for afternoon tea and an easy crowd-pleaser that looks and tastes like you really know what you're doing in the kitchen, even if you usually only eat Parmesan sandwiches and think ramen noodles are gourmet.

I think everyone should have at least one cake in their repertoire, if only so that if you're watching telly alone and really fancy some cake late at night you can actually make one that doesn't taste like shit.

This is literally the only cake I ever bother making because I don't see the point in learning to make any others because this one is so good. I occasionally make fairy cakes but had to stop doing that so often as Chris and I would eat the whole batch in one sitting, and although that's lovely, I'd quite like to fit in all my clothes that I've just bought on ASOS, thanks.

So, without further ado, here is my recipe for the most pant-creamingly good cake you'll make this weekend/ever.

Natalie's Vicky Sponge

Stuff you'll need:

  • 200g unsalted butter that's all nice and soft and squidgy
  • 200g caster sugar
  • 4 eggs
  • 200g self-raising flour
  • Some jam of your choice, about half a jar. I like to use strawberry
  • 300ml whipped double cream
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • icing sugar to dust on the top and make it look all pretty and professional

How to make it:

  1. Turn your oven on (I'm presuming you have an oven. You'll need an oven. Should I have mentioned that?) and pre-heat it to 190C/gas mark 5, or 170c if you have a fan oven. I WISH!
  2. Get some butter and grease and flour 2 x 20cm round cake tins.
  3. Chuck all your butter, sugar and the teaspoon of vanilla extract into a large mixing bowl and knock the crap out of it until it is a lovely creamy consistency. You can also use a KitchenAid or whatever if you're lucky enough to have one! Then crack your eggs and one by one beat them in and fold in the flour. Mix it all up.
  4. When it looks like cake mix should, stick your finger in and eat some. Isn't that delicious? Or don't because of salmonella.
  5. Divide the mix between the two cake tins and bake for about 20 mins until they look like they have a nice tan and have risen a bit. When they're done, they should spring back when you press on them. Also, you can stick a skewer in the middle to see if the mix is cooked. Sorry, that's really basic, but you never know! People need to start somewhere!
  6. Remove them from the oven and allow to cool for 5 mins in their tins, before turning out onto a wire rack and cooling completely.
  7. When cool, smother one cake in all the jam, and the other with the cream. Sandwich them together and dust the top with icing sugar.
  8. Spread the jam onto one cake and top with the cream. Sandwich the cakes together and dust with icing sugar.
  9. Then eat the whole lot by yourself while watching re-runs of My So-Called Life and PMSing. HYPOTHETICALLY.

Et voila! You've made an amazing cake!

Will you try this cake? Got any amazing cake recipes? Are you always hungry, too? And what are you excited about this weekend? It's a Bank Holiday here which means THREE DAYS OFF!

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