Why Braided Crowns Rule And How To Achieve One

Sometimes, I’ll see celebs with crazy interwoven styles and I'll think, “Oh, you fancy, huh?”
Publish date:
June 21, 2013
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Over the years, I’ve fallen in love with the easiness of a braided crown. There’s just something lovely about a hair crown in the summer. Sometimes, I’ll see celebs with crazy interwoven styles and I'll think, “Oh, you fancy, huh?” Even if I manage the intricacies, my hair feels too short to wrap around, so I settle for the easy version, which is fast and can be done on hair as short as a bob. It’s definitely my favorite summer style and here’s why!

1. Presentability

I love that I look put together without breaking out the curling iron. While my previous tutorials are relatively easy, they definitely take more effort than a braided crown ever will. It's by far my easiest style.

2. Immobility

If pinned correctly, this sucker seriously stays put. It won’t move all day and night through rain or humidity. I’ll wear it if I’m going to the beach or know a storm is coming. It conveniently keeps the hair off my neck.

3. Accessibility (Are you enjoying my power point sounding titles?)

The braids are pinned to the front so on a road trip, or long plane ride, I can comfortably fall asleep with my head back (and mouth most likely open). I don't have to worry about hair-do headaches, which, for me, is common with big buns and ponytails. Plus it's awesome that my hair won't be sad and flat once I reach my destination.

4. Wet-Hair Compatibility

If I take a shower in the morning, I love that I don’t have to blow dry my hair. This is obviously convenient if I’m in a hurry. It’s pretty much the only wet-hair style I can whole-heartedly recommend. I think it actually works better with wet hair since it keeps all the scraggily bits together.

5. Reliability (Do these even make sense?)

If I'm super tired and take a shower at night, I love that I can just crash. My hair dries on it’s own and in the morning, no matter how wonky, I know that a braided crown will do the trick. Just follow these quick steps!

First, take a fine-tooth comb and part your hair in the middle. I've got a crazy widow's peak to guide my way, but I'm sure you can guesstimate. I’m usually pro side-part, but for a braided crown, a middle part is the way to go.

You now have two sections. Tilt your head and hold your hair diagonally to start your first braid. Important tip: Start the braid with the section closest to your face. I noticed that if I braid the other way around, it sticks up funny in the back once it's up. Also note that the shorter your hair is, the higher you should start.

I like to keep my braids tight, but you can always braid looser for a more relaxed feel. Once you're done braiding, clip the ends so they don’t fall apart as you’re pinning them down.

Congratulations, you’re now Pippi Longstocking!

Take one side, it doesn’t matter which, pull it tight and pin the ends down using criss-crossed bobby pins. When I say criss-crossed, I just mean bobby pins that are facing each other to create an x-shape. This keeps a stronger hold on the hair.

The next step is “the hardest.” Take the other braid, pull it tight and tuck it under the already pinned down braid. Make sure all the little ends and pieces are hidden away under that first braid. Criss-cross your bobby pins and feel free to add a few more. You don’t want it to be bobby-pin heavy, but a few strategic extras will keep everything in place.

Ta da! Spritz a bit of hairspray to tame any flyaways and you’re good to go!