Update on National Sewing Month Pledge: Crazy Stupid Simple Edition

Some projects are so simple you can sew them on the sidewalk when you run your car battery down and thieves access your bank account.
Publish date:
September 14, 2011
hand-sewing, hoodies, sewing month, AAA, dead batteries, identity fraud, patches

Hi, y’uns. It’s still NATIONAL SEWING MONTH! For this post, I wanted to start with something anyone can do that can be done anywhere. Something overly simple and easy.

I love customizing and fancying up hoodies and I’d been hanging on to a couple of vintage patches for just this purpose. The stars finally aligned.

With the hoodie on, I moved the patches around until I was happy with their placement and then pinned them securely, threaded a nice big needle with embroidery floss, and went for it.

It’s no joke when I mention having a lot of jobs and to prove you can truly sew anywhere, I brought my materials along with me to one job and had resolved to finish up in the car before another job. Mm-hmm, I sew in the car.

After 20 minutes of stitching away and listening to the radio with the engine off, my car battery died. Before I called AAA, I dialed the husband, who checked our accounts to advise me how to pay if I needed a new battery and he discovered that someone had gone on an identity-frauded shopping spree at Lowe’s with HUNDREDS of $$ of our money. While we may have paid for a new deck on Mike’s shrink’s house, it’s not an open public offer. JERKS.

Fretting not, I kept sewing. Called AAA, plopped my laptop bag, tore-up perforated vinyl Target purse, and Wisconsin-Dells-outlet-mall-acquired clown Adidas down on the sidewalk next to my Honda and SEWED.

My nerves have never been calmer. Hand-sewing, people. It works. And now I have a sweet one-of-a-kind hooded sweatshirt featuring the cutest of 70s baby tiger patches and a resounding “D” recycled from a vintage high school letter jacket. My maiden name starts with “D” and I think there’s a little Detroit thing going on with the tiger. Regardless, I’m feeling it. And you can, too; here’s a couple searches to get you started:

Vintage patches on Etsy

Vintage patches on Ebay

Keep your eye on this DIY section for more updates on NATIONAL SEWING MONTH, my pledge to sew 30 things (and accelerated follow-through) before September 30th, and yes, my little Betsy Rosses, there WILL be giveaways (Here’s a hint).

AAA is the best money you will ever spend, by the way.