This Adorable Little Kit Just May Be The Answer to My Herb Garden Problems

Like my mother before me, I have never been able to keep a plant happy or healthy.
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July 15, 2014
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If there is one thing I am terrible at, it is plants. I am the worst plant owner/gardener/grower of green things to ever exist.

I have the thumb of death; I look at them and they seem to shrink a little. Like my mother before me, I have never been able to keep a plant happy or healthy. I can keep them alive, but what kind of life is this?

The only reason that one is still alive is because it slumps dramatically whenever I forget to water it; once I water it, it pops back up within a few hours. It’s almost creepy.

Anyway, I've been getting a little better at remembering to water the poor thing but I wish it made noise or something. You know who gets fed and watered on a regular basis? This little jerk.

You know why he gets fed and watered consistently? Because he makes noise (so much noise) and actively tries to trip me until I feed him. It's our morning routine. It's worth it though. His love and affection makes all the tripping totally worth it.

In spite of my shortcomings as a plant owner, I still have dreams of growing food and herbs. I’m not going to try anything ambitious until after our move in November, but I think I’d like to grow cucumbers, tomatoes, and hot peppers. That all sounds very daunting and likely to fail, so I’m starting small, with an herb garden.

I should say that I’m re-starting small; I have tried and failed at this herb garden thing before. Everything grew into herbs, but they were always kind of pale. Then they turned yellow and after I removed some basil leaves for cooking, new leaves never grew back.


I’m sure there were watering issues. I never know how much to water or how often to water, and I’m pretty sure I overdo it. It’s okay though, because someone has developed a possible solution to my watering problems!

Makers Kit makes adorable little DIY kits. They come with everything you need for a neat little project and in a neat little box with neat little instructions to make your thing. That thing may be a hanging air plant terrarium. It may be lip balm. It may be tiny soaps that are shaped like mustaches.

But because I like to pick the one thing certain to make me fail, I requested the Mason jar herb garden.

It arrived quickly, with everything it said it would: jars, organic soil, rocks, perlite, and seeds. The instructions were available in video form (and as a printable PDF) on the website:

I found the two gentlemen instructing me to be very cute and charming. Points to Makers Kit.

I followed the instructions and layered perlite, rock, and then soil in the Pinterest-friendly jars, making sure to label them beforehand so as to not think my clover was cilantro, or something equally disastrous.

The layering of perlite and then rock is what allows for such easy watering; according to the instructions, I only have to remember once a week!

What a relief.

Perlite is a crushed volcanic rock that will draw the moisture out of the soil. Then, as the water slowly evaporates, it waters the herbs on its way up! So just fill the jar with water up to the rock line once a week or when it’s empty, and then fill it again!

I've been following these instructions for a couple of weeks now and hark! I have little plants. They look really green and healthy too, unlike the anemic-looking herbs of days past.

So Makers Kit has gotten me this far, and I'm grateful for that, but I'm not sure what to do next. These herbs obviously can't live their whole lives in Mason jars - or can they? I honestly don't know - but there aren't any instructions on what to do after the plants get big. Other than that, the kit was very easy to use, had great instructions, and was super cute. I may try the air plant one next. Or maybe this one; it has dinosaurs.

But back to my little plants: What should I do next? How long should I keep them in these jars? I tried Googling, but quickly got overwhelmed. HALP.

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