September is National Sewing Month and I Impulsively Made A Twitter Pledge To Honor That

The xoJane girls are watching everything I do, even at 3:00 am. Now I have to sew 30 things by September 30th. MY PLEASURE, Smarty Pantses.
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September 6, 2011
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Guess what everybody? September is NATIONAL SEWING MONTH! Your pal Rachie McP used to sew ALL the time. I made my wedding dress for chrissakes! I made awesome legendarily cyber-ridiculed baby clothes! I made 75 bibs from bitchin recycled and vintage fabric for the MTV Movie Awards gift bags one year! I made an overscheduled mess of my life, and my beloved sewing machine sleeps under a quarter inch of dust!

So the other middle-of-the-night, during my too-regular iPhone Bejeweled-playing and Tweeting from bed with a blanket over my head so the light doesn’t wake my snore-mongering husband, I floated this number out there:

… logically assuming the spammers and bots that make up 93 percent of my followers on Twitter (Waaah. Seriously, follow me: @RachelMcPadden) would ignore this madness or link me to a Pledge coupon. Wrong-a-ding-dang-dong! Looks at these maniacs:

FINE, you stylish bossy feminists.

Holding to my twilight pledge (my OTHER twilight pledge, besides the one fully devoting myself to all of the "Twilight" movies and none of the "Twilight" books because I’m an adult and I have grown-up things to read where true love pretty much never waits) and I’ll be reporting back, ideally frequently, with my progress reports and so many bad-ass pictures, as well as tutorials and ideas for you from now till September 30th.

Because I love you and sewing is therapeutic. Like sex and ice cream and petting things that don’t bite you.

I hand-sewed for years, childhood through my 20s, to relax. So see, you don’t even need a machine to play along. Needle and thread will do, IT’S NATIONAL SSSSEW-ING MONNNNNNTH! That’s my Oprah voice.

Maybe you’ve heard, we have this xoJane Pinterest account. Pin YOUR crafty stuff to this board and post links here to sewing projects you like or tutorials you’d like to see. Within reason, people, I seriously have like 12 jobs. Or email me at to tell me your hearts’ deepest desires and all the phobias you attribute to Girl Scout camp.

I’ll address any emailed question, unless you are completely inappropriate and insane. OK, probably especially I’ll answer those.