Return of the She-Hulk Handywoman! DIY Clothing Rack From Galvanized Plumbing Pipes

Build a 4-ft modern-industrial rack for hanging clothes in about 30 minutes, for about $60.
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January 20, 2012
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Like plenty of us, I have space problems in my apartment. And first world problems in my closet.

Our bedrooms are small, so little I sleep next to the wall and crawl out the bottom of the bed to get up in the morning. Not feng shui.

My husband's clothes fit in our boudoir proper, but I've taken to the 2nd even teenier bedroom's closet for my apparel-storage needs and it's just never enough. I've had lofty dreams of turning the whole 2nd room into a closet, and I may be on my way to that now, especially with my latest She-Hulk Handywoman accomplishment: A 4-ft wide, 4-ft tall clothing rack made from ready-to-assemble parts you can pick up at a local Home Depot store in the plumbing department. Yep.

I'm going to take you, photo-essay style, on a virtual shopping trip to show you exactly what you'll need to buy to screw one of these together yourself. Screw it yourself. SIY.

1. You need three 48" lengths of 1/2" galvanized pipe (iron? Steel? I'm not sure, hence the zillion pics), pre-threaded, or as they refer to it at Home Depot much to my giddy glee, "nipple"- yes, ready-to-screw is called nipple. I already love this project.

2. Find 2 90-degree 1/2" Elbow things. Elbows. Two, you need 2 of these.

3. Grab 2 "Tee" joints. Tee thingies, 1/2" of course.

4. Now you need 4 Nipple Pipes 1/2" X 6" (for the feet)

5. And 4 Caps for the ends of the nipple pipes for the feet (man, I'm really talkin' like the pros), 1/2" naturally

That's totally all you need.

Here's an extremely rough sketch of our design:

The arrows are indicating that the feet have to be turned sideways, or it will fall over.

It really truly just screws together, pretty much by hand. The hardest part was getting those orange plastic protectors (you can barely see in the top pic with the long pipes) off of the threaded part, or "nipple" as we now know. I used a flat-head screwdriver to wedge them off.

Ok, so the real hardest part may be screwing the last long pipe onto your rack. I had the rest upside & sideways while pushing the top piece around like one of the Three Stooges in a revolving door. I wish I had my husband take a video of that. He did time me based on our American Idol DVR recording and said my whole build took just under 30 minutes. WHAAAAA.

So, here's what should come out:

And a sexy side shot:

This is going to change my life, I can tell. I will have an insane cute dressing/closet room worthy of Pinterest! Someday. And $60 (after tax) for supplies is amazing considering all the mass-produced ones I've looked at were much more expensive or questionable quality or aesthetically not for me.

What do you think? Would you tried this? Customize it to suit your needs? What are your DIY solutions around the house?

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