Quick! I Just Bled All Over My Pants, What Do I Do?

They're really cute pink jeans from Zara and this is the first day I'm wearing them. Can they be saved?
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April 19, 2011
advice, periods, stains

UPDATE: I tried peroxide when I got home, but the stain never fully came out. Secretly planning to wear them any way and just refrain from high kicks.

Oh man, I just got this pair of cotton-candy pink jeans and Jane already complimented me on them and then I went to the bathroom and realized I had bled right through them.

Which is SO ME, because not only can I not keep track of my cycle, but I apparently also can't remember to change my tampon often enough to keep this kind of thing from happening. (I am also a spiller, a faller, a lock-myself-out-of-my-houser -- if there's a way to basically tumble through life haphazardly, I am all over it.)

I tried a Tide stain stick I found kicking around the office and even changed into my gym pants and washed the stain with soap and cold water but it may have already set because it still looks pretty bad. Also, now I look like I peed myself and I can't go to the kitchen and microwave my Lean Cuisine until my pants dry.

Am I just screwed? I really like these pants. Please leave your miracle cures in the comments. Or your own menstruation horror stories to make me feel better for being a grown-ass woman who just bled all over herself.