Halloween DIY: Look Like the Living Dead!

‘Tis the season to be zombie, everyone! So buy some latex and master your growl because we are about to get FREAKY.
Publish date:
October 25, 2012
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Let’s talk about zombies. They are the coolest. I love them so much that I still watch "The Walking Dead" DESPITE the icky gender inequality. (I think I’m still high off of the sick torso lady from season one episode one but my patience is fading fast.)

I was a cutesy, albeit bloody and gnarly, zombie girl for Halloween last year complete with flowery mini skirt and saddle shoes. Observe:

Now I’m not sure if I want to replicate this exact look for the festivities this year (I kind of have my heart set on being Elvira, which makes sense considering I have no boobs and I just dyed my hair platinum blonde and all) -- but, nevertheless, I think a solid, oozing wound tutorial is just what you guys and ghouls need for this holiday season! So, let’s do a movie-worthy zombie makeup guide, y’all.

Ooooh, the smeared red face paint around my mouth and eyes gives it a nice touch, non?

You're going to need some latex, face paint, endless Q-tips, and makeup sponges for this tutorial, all of which you can buy at your local party store. I believe you city dwellers can pop on over to Ricky’s for all of this stuff too! They’ve got all sorts of prosthetics and spirit gum to get pre-made boo-boos securely glued onto your pretty little faces.

But, if you’re into the DIY, like yours truly, you’ll stick to good old-fashioned toilet paper to get the perfect, mottled skin wound. I’ll give you a quick rundown of the steps, but I also made a nifty little video to guide zombie makeup first-timers!

STEP ONE: Gather your materials. Gather your latex, spirit gum, or eyelash adhesive for your fake skin or prosthetics, fake blood, and red, black, blue, and white face paint. (Yellow face paint or bronzer can look really cool when you get to the bruising process as well.)

STEP TWO: Evenly apply a really thin layer of white face paint to your face. I don’t like the matte white zombie look because it looks a little bit like the kiddy version of zombie makeup that you find in those craft store picture book Halloween costume guides. You want to look convincingly sickly, not gimmicky.

STEP THREE: Outline the shape of your wound on your face using a Q-tip dipped in latex or face glue.

STEP FOUR: This is where it gets sticky and annoying. If you’re not using a prosthetic, you’re going to need toilet paper for the wrinkled, ripped skin part. Twist small toilet paper pieces and douse them in mounds of latex. Then apply them directly onto the outline. Continue this process until you have the desired texture and depth.

STEP FIVE: Put bronzer or blush on the finished wound outline. You don’t want to start applying the face paint until you mute the whiteness of the toilet paper. Try to match the tone to your skin tone as best you can.

STEP SIX: Start the makeup by determining where you want blood and where you want bruising. I dabbed red paint in the center of my wound with a Q-tip, and surrounded it with purple and black paint for bruising. I personally like a touch of yellow or green on the outer edges of the wound, which makes the bruising look even more convincing.

STEP SEVEN: If you have fake blood, try blotting globs of it in the center of your wound. It’ll look all shiny and fresh. Yum.

STEP EIGHT: Perfect your growl and use your sick costume as an excuse to bite people at parties. ALWAYS fun.

And here is the aforementioned video! Sorry in advance for my mini rants and weird jokes. I’m still shaking off my period-induced weirdness from last week, which has resulted in an increased tendency to absent-mindedly jabber.

So there you have it, my little freaks! The quickest, easiest, cheapest way to look like a dead thing.

More importantly, though, what are you all being this year? Are some of you keen on this zombie look? Tell me, tell me, kittens.