NEXT LEVEL NAIL GAME: AstroWifey Shuts It All The Way Down

What do you do when your best friend who has been living overseas for a year finally comes back home? YOU GO TO CHICAGO TO GET YOUR NAILS DONE.
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February 13, 2013
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What do you do when your best friend who has been living overseas for a year finally comes back home? YOU GO TO CHICAGO TO GET YOUR NAILS DONE!

Well, no, you go to Chicago to VISIT him, obviously.

But when you visit him and find yourself in a new city, you’ve got to check up on the sickest nail artists that the city has to offer. I mean, that’s just common sense.

After my best friend Matt had repeatedly told me what dates he’d be returning to the motherland, dates which I repeatedly forgot, we finally locked down a few days to be reunited and bash around Chicago. I then began to research who the baddest girls in the Chicago nail scene were and which one would be the lucky one to body these digits.

Enter AstroWifey. After digging through numerous websites, blogs, Tumblrs and Instagrams (the nail hustle is real), I decided that AstroWifey was destined to be my Chicago nail girl. When not doing nails at her studio, she’s doing nails at events and photoshoots, and working on her line of T-shirts. She also started the first U.S. Nail Art Lifestyle Magazine, “Tipsy.” So cool, right? It’s a lifestyle.

A good (and I mean GOOD) nail artist is hard to find, but I had options. And I love options. So what sold me on AstroWifey? She has a ton of modern art and POP ART homage nail sets. Anyone that works pop art into what they do has totally got my vote, forever and ever amen. OBSERVE:


BYE. As soon as I saw these, I was done. I’ve mentioned before that I am all about Andy, so when I saw these, I immediately booked by appointment with Astro. But that’s not all!


Haunted child realness! And on NAILS! Are you fucking kidding me? Astounding.


Self-explanatory, but game changing nonetheless.

And last but most recent, this flossy Curtis Kulig set.

Kulig is everywhere right now, including the T-shirt that I am currently wearing as I type this, so it’s only fitting that his work finds its way into nail art. I love love love this set. Oh, also, do we love the Curtis Kulig X Smashbox collabo? It’s so darling. Those “Love Me” eye shadow palettes? Yes, please.

So what did AstroWifey do when she got her hands on my hands? I told her she could pretty much have free reign over my nails and do whatever she wanted, exceeept I’d like a little houndstooth, an old English “T,” a nail that’s the same pattern as Kanye’s Celine top from Coachella 2011, and the xoJane logo. You know, simple.

She didn’t even bat an eye. And they’re shellac, so these babies are here to stay for a minute! I didn’t even know you could do nail art with no-chip polish! Learning as we go.

Confession: I usually hate getting my nails done. It’s just another one of those things that I feel like, why pay good money for when I’m perfectly good at doing them myself? And there’s nothing worse than getting a nail tech that you don’t vibe with. But AstroWifey is completely next level. Her talent speaks for itself so I’m more than happy to pay for her services, and she’s so cool! I felt like I was just shooting the shit with a really cool new friend for a while and then BAM, I had a sick set of nails.

So what do you think? Do you do your own nails, or do you prefer manicures? Have you ever gone to a sick nail artist like AstroWifey? If so, who are they and where are they located? Rep them in the comments!

Oh, and look at what Matt got me from Taiwan.

Tell me about your nail girls and what you thought of the Grammys on Twitter @TynanBuck.

Oh, and I’m seeing Gaga on Wednesday so this may very well be the last article that you ever read by me, as I am planning to die of happiness or in a pile of rabid tweens. It’s been fun, y’all.