National Sewing Month: Sew Your Own SUPERCUTE Fabric Cards & Don't Forget The Giveaway!

Paper, fabric scraps, and the capacity to sew in a straight line are all you need to create these bitchin' handmade cards. Plus, more chances to win a copy of SEWING IN A STRAIGHT LINE by Brett Bara!


My sewing machine could have been little more cooperative, but I could NOT be more pleased with the next sweet and simple project I tried out from Brett Bara's new book, "Sewing In A Straight Line." I have shameful bobbin issues. I'd almost guarantee it's me and not the machine.

Aha! Here we go, "Got a minute? Stitch up these cute greeting cards with your fabric scraps."

My apartment is practically bursting at the tuckpoints or whatever with fabric scraps, so this is so the thing for me. And after 38 years, I still struggle to get thank you/birthday/baptism/get-well-soon cards out in a timely manner or at all, so maybe this will help.


More mess o'cute:

1. Using Brett's project as a guide, I pieced together bits of vintage fabric scraps into a makeshift patchwork. Just sewing together random squares and rectangles, until I had something I could cut up for my cards.

2. Next I took some green cardstock I had around the house and folded the sheets in half, then in half again to form the cards I would stitch my fabric to. You can also buy blank greeting cards from aa art, craft or fabric store, or recycle cereal boxes or something. Seriously, WHY NOT?

* I folded my cardstock in half twice so that when I sewed my fabric on, the backside stitching would be hidden once I folded the cards back up. Just an aesthetic thing (and again, the bobbin issues; it was a little messy back there).

3. I cut my patchwork fabric to the size of the front of my cards, unfolded the cardstock and sewed the fabic to the paper with four straight lines. Brett recommends using double-stick tape to hold your fabric down while you sew around it, but I went commando.

4. When the fabric was secured, I trimmed up around the edges and added additional rick-rack and vintage crocheted lace scraps and stuff to some of my cards. I love that you can customize these HOWEVER you please.


Ready to see what I came up with?

Cute, right? They turned out pretty swell. I know I'D love to get one of these babies in mail. Cinchy guys. Make some!

So thanks again to Brett Bara, for the inspiration and projects guidelines, and for the THREE copies of her new book "Sewing In A Straight Line" to give away to our readers. Also, we love that Brett's a long-time fan of Jane!

Woohoo! Winners will be announced September 30, 2011, so check back.

To enter, just comment here. Talk about DIY stuff, tell me if you're the opposite of me and ALWAYS get those thank you cards sent out, hassle me to get a manicure -- whatever, my darlings. Get this convo started!

*Questions? An aching love you need to get off your chest? email me:*