My Foolproof Recipe For The Most Delicious Pancakes In The World

This is no boast – they are.
Publish date:
June 3, 2013
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I like cooking and while I’m not terribly adventurous, I have a few specialities which I can always rely on to impress. For breakfast, I make the World’s Best Pancakes. This is no boast – they are. Better than those I’ve had in restaurants, diners and earnest artisanal cafes. What can I say, I’m just really good at making pancakes.

In the Frangoul household we like them topped with crispy bacon and doused liberally with maple syrup, but this weekend I decided to break with convention and make a couple of mini pancakes for ‘dessert’ that were dotted with blueberries (I generally loathe blueberries, but they’re good for you so I choke them down like vitamins – in pancakes they’re surprisingly tasty!)

So this is how to make idiot-proof, always edible pancakes:

You will need: 125g plain flour 2 eggs Pinch of salt Tablespoon of oil 210ml milk 90ml water

1. Put the flour and salt in a bowl, add the eggs and stir (now’s the time to stick your bacon under the grill).

2. Put the milk and water in a jug, then add slowly to the bowl, whisking vigorously until you have a nice batter. Throw the oil in now too.

3. Put some oil in a frying pan (I use olive oil, quite a lot to start off with) and get the pan really hot.

4. Ladle some batter into the pan and swirl around gently until you have the size you want – I like them somewhere between small, fat American-style pancakes and thin crepes.

5. Wait about 30 seconds and then start nudging away at the edges with a spatula, sliding it further and further underneath until you can move the entire pancake. Flip or turn over depending on how brave you feel (if there’s still loads of oil in the pan it’s probably wise to gently turn it rather than vigorously hurling it at the ceiling – I will not be responsible for your scalding.)

6. Pile on plate, top with bacon and syrup, ENJOY.

For the blueberry pancakes, I put a smaller amount of batter in the pan and tried to keep it in one place so the pancake was thicker (I really need to get a dinky frying pan to do this properly.) Once things were cooking nicely, I pressed the berries into the still-gooey surface.

After they’d had time to warm through, I started gently smooshing them down with the spatula until they started to burst and release their juices into the batter. Then I held my breath and turned them over – only a couple rolled out! They were delicious – the sharpness of the berries cutting through my maple-syrup-sugar-daze nicely.

What's your favourite weekend breakfast dish? Are there any other pancake topping combos I simply must try? Do share!