More Garbage Art And Cheap Decorating Ideas

You may think you've already read this article, but you haven't seen my Mr. T painting.
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August 8, 2011
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The other day, Anya was kind enough to show us the garbage-turned-art-objects strewn about her apartment. Because my home, too, is a mish-mash of found art and deal/steal hybrids, I felt inspired to basically rip her off and write the exact same post over again. Don't like it? You don't gotta read it, sister.

But even if you don't read it, will you at least take a look at this one painting?

Feast your eyes on that glorious beast right there. Impressive, ay? I got that painting for one PENNY on eBay for my boyfriend's Christmas present a few years back (and promptly spent like 400 dollars framing him). We call him General Bananas and sometimes give him a salute upon entering the house.

Similarly, the boyfriend always tips his hat and says "Ladies" when passing a field of cows on a road trip, which I find endlessly hilarious.

This is a street/garbage painting my boyfriend has been hauling from apartment to apartment for the better part of a decade. He calls him "Gomer" and he scares me a little.

I bought this one here at a proper emporium of ART, but he only cost 30 bucks, and I dig how he is helpfully labeled "Tabby." Pete says I am not allowed to buy any more tabby-themed things before we become "those people."

The actual tabby, also free. I mean, look at him -- who would pay for such a shameful creature?

Pete's Chewbacca from his childhood.

Wall decals in the guest bedroom! I think this particular set was from Urban Outfitters -- you can find some here for 10-60 bucks.

The only words more bewitching than "sale" to the ear are "free by the side of the road." Why would anyone be giving away this duck lamp? Seriously, why? I can only imagine that the original owner of this duck lamp must be dead.

My least favorite piece of art in the house. Not because it's a gross booby painting given to my boyfriend by an ex-porn star friend who painted it for him. But because it's entitled "Sucking Larissa," when she is so clearly "Biting Larissa." And it looks like she's hurting Larissa!

I thrifted this painting in high school -- at one point, I had a whole series of them that were like, strawberries inside cucumbers and so on, but only this one remains. I think these one-food-item-inside-another-food-item paintings may have been some kind of phenomenon at some point. Please leave any relevant information in the comments section.

And finally, my most prized posession -- the Mr. T painting Pete bought from a crazy guy in the park for my birthday. He almost got stabbed. It might have been worth it.

Oh, and I made this video for those of you who like to creep in other people's houses.

Now show us your free/cheap/garbage-y art! Or your good art!