Make An Edible Version of Carrie Keagan's Necklace (Please, Because I Failed)

Sometimes I look at someone's jewelry and think, "I can replicate that with cookies and marshmallows."
Publish date:
July 7, 2011
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When you are a crafty person and/or lunatic, you never know where or when creative inspiration will strike. A giant DIY energy-saving soft white compact fluorescent light bulb lit way up one morning while sharing my husband’s usual VH-1 routine.

Mike traditionally watches for the videos, but VH-1 introduced a pop culture/entertainment news morning show helmed by Carrie Keagan a couple months ago. Carrie’s bio made me feel I should know her, but alas, she’s just The Big Morning Buzz girl at my house.

On this particular fateful morning, kicky Ms. Keagan accessorized with The Big Morning Sugar Buzz Necklace That Looked Delicious As If Made Out Of Marshmallows. I snapped multiple pics of the TV and announced to Mike that I must make an edible version of that jewelry. Seriously, I was just going to make, wear, and eat my own S'more interpretation of this mouth-watering wampum. Because.

My ingredients weren’t actually purchased until Mike jetted out of town one weekend. I hoped that a food project would keep me from eating a box of S’mores Minis sandwich crackers, additional box of Honey Graham-o’s and a bag of tiny marshmallows in his absence. A giant bag of teeny pretzel sticks was also acquired; I don’t remember the reasoning behind that one.

A cartoonish needle for use with plastic canvas (?) and thin beading cord elastic made my invented supply list. I partied the weekend away instead (treat binge-less) and stared at my insane-o project goods for weeks before stabbing a S’mores Minis sandwich cracker with a needle intended for use with plastic canvas and splitting said S’mores Minis sandwich cracker in fives. Then another and another, again and again and again until quitting.

Could I drill them with a little bitty drill bit? While I pondered this for two more weeks, the S’mores Minis sandwich crackers became stale and soft-ish and I stabbed them once again and it WORKED. But now my mini marshmallows seemed proportionally too mini for my S’mores Minis sandwich crackers. Screw it, I moved forward with my getting-less-yummy jewelry design anyway.

Here’s the thing. If we were meant to have marshmallow necklaces, everyone would be wearing necklaces made from marshmallows all the time. It’s stupidly impossible to realize this dream. Every two or three marshmallows, the needle becomes ooey and gooey and the following marshmallows roll up and break open off of the elastic. How rude.

So now I was mad and hungry. Refusing failure, I scanned my ingredients (minus the stale S’mores Minis sandwich crackers that I grumpily sent to Hell in a baby fit). Hmm, jumbo honey graham-O crispy treat!! Decorated in homage to buzzy morning inspiration, Carrie Keagan. Car-Keag. Voila! Never surrender!

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