Make an Edible Version of ASOS' Pleated Leather Collar Necklace

Laia's statement necklace post inspired me to try edible baubles again. And apparently, like Homer Simpson, everything I see turns into food.
Publish date:
July 27, 2011
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In case you thought my intrigue around DIY designer-imposter edible jewelry was a one-off fetish, I’m back and chewier than ever.

My inspiration this time proved to be Laia’s mouth-watering post on statement necklaces, specifically the pleated leather collar necklace by ASOS. I told her as much:

Immediately, I knew I needed my childhood favorite, Wrapples, the kid-friendly round sheets of caramel for easy caramel apple prep, to use for my “leather.” Naturally, Wrapples had long gone the way of Frusen Glädjé. Now I’m cackling thinking of imaginary “I ate all the Wrapples” commercials.

A quick search yielded currently produced Concord Foods Caramel Apple Wraps, available at Meijers. Candy laces would provide my necklace string. Another search turned up Ikea’s GODIS GULA SNÖREN, or toffee laces, for those of you not fluent in Ikean. A li’l jaunt to the burbs and my decadently delicious jewelry making supplies were in hand. This time, failure was not an option. Lazer Focus.

1.I laid down wax paper, grabbed an unnecessarily large knife, and transformed those magical caramel circles into squares, then chopped those squares in to 4 smaller squares

2.Then, I set a square on another caramel square, slightly overlapping & folded the square over, just hanging on to the side, continuing until I had a long line of “pleated” statement caramel

3.I gently formed this line into a “U” shape.

4.Next, I poked holes in each end & threaded through GODIS GULA SNÖREN, making a double knot on each side


Of course, it’s a thousand degrees and the middle of summer, so I barely had time to snap pics before my pleated caramel collar necklace metamorphosed into a sticky caramel sauce bikini top. Not true, but it did get melty-ish.

My first-draft necklace ended up being more of a statement than I’d intended, sort of the sploshing version of what I’d set out to accomplish.Hot. I liked it, and if you’re crafting with candy, go big or go get away from me.

A third necklace emerged from the scraps of the circles-turned-into-squares. ASOS, this design’s free if you need it. Anytime!

Candy-craziness overtook me and my pile of under-cooked spaghetti-lookin’ GODIS GULA SNÖREN stared me in the face and whined, “Weave us into a friendship bracelet, it’s 2 in the morning, what do you have to lose?” I truly tried and truly quit after about 10 minutes (5 minutes). My friends prefer cash anyway.

Braiding is simple, so I whipped up a quadruple-wrap braided bracelet instead. After I nixed the headband idea, realizing no one wants GODIS GULA SNÖREN in his or her hair. Then I slept.

The best part of this project was learning that wearing a super yummy caramel statement necklace is like a Nicorette patch for sugar. Didn’t see that coming.

Please start making jewelry out of food and sending us pictures. All the cool people are doing it! Also, leave suggestions for baubles you would like to see reproduced in food here.