I Don’t Know What I’m Doing But: I'm Going To Make A Sunglasses Case From A Pot Holder

I tried -- and failed -- to make a handbag. But this sunglasses case is pretty cool -- and can be made in 10 minutes or less.
Publish date:
June 29, 2011
arts and crafts, pot holders, sunglasses case, How-To

First the good news about this week’s project: It will take you less than 10 minutes to make. It will probably cost you less than five dollars. It may even be free.

Once finished, you can use it to carry your sunglasses, your keys and even a credit card and lipstick. The bad news: It is not a burlap handbag.

What, you say, you weren’t even expecting a burlap handbag? Well, that’s good to know. Because then you, dear reader, will not feel the same sense of failure that I did this week when I failed to produce one.

The details of said failure we will save for another time, a time when I am finally victorious and will show you exactly how to make this mythical specimen. But suffice it to say it involved confusion at the gardening store, overconfidence in my abilities to find anything I need in New York City, some poorly reinforced seams and time-out to just give up and ride my bike in New York’s Pride parade (hooray for New Yorkers having the same marriage rights as those in South Africa, Portugal and Iceland!)

But for now, let’s just move on to this week’s project:

As you can see, it is not a burlap handbag. In fact, it is a sunglasses case. It also has an outside pocket into which you can fit credit card, cash, lipstick, a tiny tube-sized sunscreen. Put your keys in the outside loop, fasten it to the belt loop of your cut-offs, and you might just have everything you need to bike to the beach. I even squeezed in a cell phone, but who wants to be reachable at the beach anyway?

This case, however, started out life not at the beach, but in the kitchen aisle. For evidence, see below:

Why yes, that is a pot holder. One I spied, in fact, while wandering up and down the aisles bemoaning failed handbag experiments. The one on the left was handwoven and thus cost an extravagant $6; the one on the right came from the dollar store and cost, well, $1. If you choose one with an outside pocket for your hand, you will also have an extra pocket in which to stash essentials. To make the case, just fold the potholder in half length-wise, thread a needle with co-ordinating thread, tie a knot and whip-stitch the seams closed. (And yes, I did match my nail polish to the case. Pictured is Essie in Bright Tights).

I mean, it's no burlap handbag, but it only took you 10 minutes. And now you have the rest of the holiday weekend to go to the beach. Finally, as inspiration, I leave you with a photo of the messenger bag I made to take to SXSW in March 2008:

Sadly, it took until June 2008 before I actually completed this bag. But it did get finished. Back to the burlap!