How I Made Strawberry Pie Pops While Collecting 2 Paychecks & Sucking Up to my Day Job Boss

The mixed-feeling countdown on my nanny job continues, about five weeks left, and the fun-time bar is like, reachable only by trampoline at this point. PIE POPS!!!
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November 4, 2011
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Today could have been a freezy, rainy, windy, dark/stupid/depressing day, except my adorable 4-year-old ward and I have a standing rainy-day baking date. Baking with kids is one of my purest joys in life (Oh-how-am-I-going-to-sit-in-an-office-50-hours-a-week-help-breathe-breathe-breathe-breathe-breathe).

Somewhere on Pinterest a while back, I spied some "pie pops"-- bite-size pies on sticks -- and became mildly obsessed with making them happen, probably two years after everyone else learned about them, but WHO CARES. Not the 4-year-old, that's for sure!

She picked her favorite pie filling from a list she rattled off that included pies people don't actually eat that she knows from the Backyardigans. Anyway: strawberry.

Baking is also one of my best suck-uppering tactics regarding my bosses, her parents. So, I bought cellophane bags, 4-inch paper doilies, tissue paper and gift boxes to package our treats for maximum sucked-up impact. And I picked up the dry cleaning without being asked. Whatever. They work hard.

Here's what happens:

1. Supplies: can of pie filling, refrigerated pie crusts, cookie sticks, 4-inch doilies, 4x6 cellophane treat bags, heart-shaped cookie cutter (or shape of your choice, the 4-year-old is very into choices), and I got disposable cookie sheets, because I'm probably destroying the planet, but really to minimize the mess to keep everyone happy. Oh, I use regular kitchen twine, tissue paper and some size-appropriate gift boxes later.

2. Unroll your pie crust & cut out your shapes.

3. Press your sticks into your bottom crusts, about half-way should do the trick.

4. Drop a tbsp of pie-filling in the center of your bottom crust (use your judgement, we don't want filling oozing all over the place. We do, but we don't). Then gently place your top crusts over the whole deal.

5. Separate just the white of one egg & brush egg white on your top crust.

6. Use a fork to seal up the edges of your pie pops (this seriously qualifies as fun for me).

7. Sprinkle a little Sugar-in-the-Raw on top (or don't) & pop in an oven pre-heated to 375˚ for 12-15 minutes (I went 14, very happy).

8. Pop (ahaha) them into treat bags lined with paper doilies & tie with kitchen twine.

9. Go over the top packing them into a box in three layers of 2 pops each with tissue paper in between layers to lock down that year-end bonus even though you're leaving for good a week before the holidays.

10. Pack an extra box for your husband because he also works hard and loves pie and he's got what you are always looking for more of, whatever it may be (sex).

Thank you.

What's your favorite pie flavor? I'm making these for anything I have to go to ever from now on, by the way.

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