LOVE YOURSELF DIY Sequin Heart Shoe Clips

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Publish date:
March 16, 2012
accessories, shoes, shiny things, crafty, cuteness, customize, hot glue, make stuff

Hi guys. I think one of the first tings I pinned on my

Rachel board

on the

xoJane Pinterest

was a set of large red sequin heart shoes clips* on some sweet flats that looked like my kind of chilled-out

party shoes

. Naturally, as both a thrifty bitch and someone who views life as one big (or 54, 298 little) preschool craft project(s), I


I could make those and had a hefty amount of faith in you, too.

And for the sake of the traditional


, as a child I used to regularly visit a pair of

red sequin heart-shaped pasties

in my mom's lingerie/sex accoutrement drawer. I was so obsessed that when I finally visited my first sex shop, I bought a pair of my own. Just like Mom! Why save it for the


when I can share it with the world, is what I sometimes say in fits and starts.

So maybe these are a little kinky to me. Whatever. Motivation shmotivation, let's hot glue some stuff.

*If you are a shopper and not a maker,

heart shoes clips from are available here.