She-Sheds Are the New Man Caves -- Here's How to Make Your Own Lady Hangout

I decided to try and create one of these spaces for myself, supplementing shed with corner, because who has a shed?
Publish date:
May 26, 2015
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I’ll be honest. I didn’t know how to initially feel about the “She-Shed” concept. She-Sheds are the female equivalent of a Man-Cave.

Women, mostly living in rural areas with that unknown quantity called land, create gendered spaces where they can engage in womanly pursuits like scrapbooking, quilting, or maybe birthing some children. I blame Red from Orange is the New Black. Besides using her shed to traffic prison contraband, she tended herbs and met with her girlfriends, all very appropriate She-Shed activities. A quick Instagram and Pinterest briefing showed large amounts of fairy lights, china, and miniatures, all arrayed in the softest pastels.

I’m pretty girly but it seemed a little kitsch and, let’s be real, who has a shed? Also, I don’t have any kids and, since my husband works a lot, I don’t feel the need to escape him when he’s home. However, I decided to try and create one of these spaces for myself, supplementing shed with corner, because most people have corners!

Here’s How to DIY a She-Corner

1. Determine its main function - She-Sheds are used for yoga, sewing, tea-time, or any other domesticated art. I decided to use mine for writing, reading, and feminine reflection.

2. Find a corner - I picked one in our living room, nicely sandwiched between our TV and broken air conditioning wall unit (in our household, we live in fear that “SUMMER. IS. COMING.”).

3. Create a base - This will vary depending on how you will use your She-Corner. I needed a comfy place to read and write so I wanted to emulate a window seat. I wrapped a pretty blanket around two couch cushions and nestled them into my corner.

4. Decorate! - Just keep it soft and pretty, as per the She-Shed ways.

Miniatures are encouraged, in addition to teacups. I added some throw pillows, ladylike art, and a hanging mirror.

5. Join the #Sheshed movement

Then it was time to try it out:

I settled into my little She-Corner and started to write. And it was blissful. Maybe it was how cozy everything felt or how comfy it all was but I was basically experiencing my childhood dream of living in a dollhouse. I stayed in my She-Corner all evening and when Mark, my husband, asked,

“What’s the difference between sitting on couch cushions on the floor and just sitting on the couch?”

I replied,


It was nice to have a specific place to work. It was much better than my plastic lap desk and old, gray couch. But I think I partially enjoyed it because it wasn’t hidden away from my home. Instead, it was an extension of it.

I talked to Mark, read him passages I’d wrote and parts of We Have Always Lived in the Castle. I didn’t want to be off by myself—nor would I want him to go off by himself in a Man-Cave. And when a friend stopped by, I welcomed her into my corner and it was the perfect backdrop for our conversation. As far as She-Corners go, I’m all about them!