How to Gift Wrap WIth Random Household Items

If you're like me then you still have a bunch of gift wrapping left to pull together just in time before Christmas morning. I've got a few gift wrap ideas using stuff you probably already have around the house.
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December 23, 2011
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If you're like me then you still have a bunch of gift wrapping left to pull together just in time before Christmas morning. And if you do, I've got a few gift wrap ideas using stuff you probably already have around the house. Almost anything paper or cloth can be used as gift wrap, so it's fun to take unconventional items and turn them into really fantastic gifts. It's cheap and chances are they'll look so good your gifts will pale in comparison.

A Stocking

These stockings were a gift I got maybe a couple of years ago. I never wear them even though they're kind of cool. They're just not very comfortable, and they're too short to wear with skirts. I figured with a little shiny red wrapping paper, these would make a great accent on a jewelry gift box.

You can skip wrapping the box in wrapping paper if you like the color of the box, but I thought these sparkly stockings would look better with some shiny red.

Pull the stocking around the box so the stitching where the toe would be is on the bottom side of the box. Stretch it tight to get it flat. Twist the open end of the stocking, so it tightens around the box. Tie the open end of the stocking with a ribbon or a gift tag.

Cut the excess stocking and use what's left over to make a bow.

I think the gift looks pretty good like this, but I had this glittery decoration that I wanted to add to the top.

Since the stocking has holes, it's easy to slip the wire end of the decoration into the bow. Bend the wire to attach. I love the sparkle of this present. No one will ever know this was a stocking -- it just looks so cool!

A Subway Map

I've got some friends flying in from Italy to visit their daughter for Christmas. I thought it might be nice to buy them something made locally and wrap it in a New York City subway map. A map alone usually has interesting design elements, so you can use any map that's local or significant to you.

I like to use double-sided tape to hide the tape. It just looks neater and cleaner to me. This map actually looks good by itself, but, of course, I wanted to add something extra.

Even if you wrapped your gifts in newspaper or brown craft paper, a fancy bow will always class it up. Slip a nice card underneath for a very pretty package.

An Onion Bag

Onion bags kind of look like fishnet, so I thought this would look really cool wrapped around a gift. It will have to be a small gift though. My onion bag is skimpy on the mesh.

Cut as much mesh as you can from the onion bag. Leave a little bit of the label on for a clean edge.

Since you can see through the onion bag mesh, and I'm just wrapping a plain, white box, I decided to wrap the gift in paper first. I strategically cut the paper so the snowflake design would end up on the top.

Tape the mesh loosely, so you can wrap the mesh around the box.

Once a ribbon is tied around the box, the unsightly tape can be removed.

Weave one end of the ribbon through the center of another piece of mesh.

Synch the center of the mesh by bunching it together on the ribbon and then tying a knot and a bow.

Cut the ends of the mesh to give it a ribbon effect.

No one will know the wrap around this adorable gift was destined for the trash.

A Vintage Scarf

Don't be afraid to stray from the traditional red and green holiday color scheme. I had this holographic gift box (you can use gift wrap if you can't find this style box) which I thought would look great with this girly pink scarf I found at a thrift store. Together they had kind of an 80's glam look.

The scarf has a tag. To hide it on the bottom of the present, I folded in 2 of the corners.

I wrapped the whole thing around the box and tied the top into a bundle with some shiny gray ribbon.

To glam it up more, I cut some sparkly sprigs I got at a craft store and tucked them under the ribbon.

The ends of the scarf seemed a little long for this package, so I tied them in a knot. The center of the knot looked a little like a flower.

Even in pink it's perfect for the holidays.

Now get out there and start wrapping!