RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Delicious (And Maybe Alcoholic) Ice Pops Edition

They don't have to be alcoholic, but I wouldn't hate it if they were.
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July 7, 2015
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Hey, all you beautiful babies! I hope you had a glorious 4th of July weekend, complete with grilled meats and tasty treats. I made my "Freedom Trifle," as is my custom and even took a pic of it for you guys!


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You all had a lot of great themed-food suggestions for the holiday, but the most up-voted comment was from last week's winner, RinnyLush (in reference to her winning recipe).

"I knew you'd like my hot dick cream..."

I really did! I had some leftover from the week before, so I took it to the America Party I attended, and it was a hit! People were dipping everything in there! Chips, tri-tip, veggies: all of the things! So good job again! Here's another trophy! ("Rocks Off" by the Stones because this dip seems to get people's rocks off and also this song is vaguely about dicks.)

The most up-voted recipe, from commenter Dee, took me by surprise a little. It's a bit nontraditional, as far as Independence Day fare goes, but it's brilliant in its simplicity.

If you are going to be by the beach, do yourselves a favor and pack a whole bunch of fluffernutter sandwiches. Wrap them in brown paper and draw some red and blue stars on the outside. I don't know why, but something about being slightly drunk on the beach, with all the sun and salt, just makes peanut butter and marshmallow fluff on white bread taste like heaven. (It's probably the drunk aspect.) They keep all day, and they are cheap as hell. USA!

Confession: Before this, I had never eaten a fluffernutter sandwich. I realize now that this was a big mistake. Though I tend to prefer my sandwiches on the savory side, there is no denying that this sandwich is transcendent. I thought the whole thing would be too cloying on a hot summer's day, but the white bread and marshmallow fluff somehow lighten the peanut butter, as counter-intuitive as that may seem.

I didn't make it to the beach over the long weekend, but I plan to go soon, and will definitely be taking a few of these with me. Your trophy, dearest Dee, is "Sweet Thing" by Van Morrison because this sandwich is a one sweet little number and also this song is perfect for summer lounging.

Speaking of summer lounging, I have a sparkly new assignment for you!

I love frozen treats, though I am an absolute slacker when it comes to actually making them. Each summer begins with grand plans of freezing beautiful ice pops, and each summer I fail in executing my plans. My friend Krys Melo -- of the blog Melodrama -- is no such slouch. Every summer, she comes up super tasty ways to incorporate alcohol into frozen desserts, and I'm still thinking about the alcoholic ice pops she made last year.

Browsing through her posts has got me craving some icy refreshment, so I must ask you to please share your favorite popsicle recipes with me. They don't have to be alcoholic, but I wouldn't hate it if they were.

One quick note before I let you go: I will be out of town early next week, so Recipe of the Week will be posted on Thursday, rather than Tuesday. Do not freak out; I'm not going anywhere.