RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Your Go-To, No-Fail Potluck Recipes

I don't host many BBQs, but I do attend them, and I make it a point to never show up empty-handed.
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May 19, 2015
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Hello my darlings, and welcome back to another hot and fresh installment of Recipe of the Week.

Last week you were all absolute dolls and suggested many recipes and methods for getting over a hangover. The most up-voted comment was from BrownEyedGirl and could technically be a "recipe," but I suspect it is actually reference to this article and therefore consider myself exempt from trying it. (Plus, there were no instructions provided on exactly how to prepare the placenta, and I don't have a "placenta guy" or any way of procuring it.)

Your trophy, BrownEyedGirl is "Lemonade" by CocoRosie because this song is creepy and eating placenta creeps me out, to be completely honest.

The most up-voted hangover cure that I was actually willing to eat comes to us from mORGAN, who came out of lurking to share this glorious recipe with me (and you).

Longtime lurker and I made an account just so I can comment on this thread!

My #1 forever favorite hangover food is biscuits and gravy.

You will need: pillsbury biscuits or make your own if ya fancy, a package of white sausage gravy mix, breakfast sausage (I usually use the little links, just break them into small chunks while their being cooked) maple syurp, butter and eggs.

Make your pillsbury biscuits according to the directions.

Make your sausage gravy mix according to the directions (I always add extra pepper)

Put your breakfast sausage into a pan and squirt some maple syurp on top of it, mix it all up. Let this stuff cook until the sausage is cooked through.

If your sausage maple syrup mixture got reallllly greasy you can dump some of the grease out, now add it to the (already done) sausage gravy. Mix everything together and give it a few minutes to thicken up.

Now you fry an egg in butter.

To assemble: Open the biscuit in half, place the egg on one side of said biscuit half and liberally cover everything in sausage gravy.

Best to be enjoyed with red rooster hot sauce and a miller high life w/OJ aka-poormosa.

At first I thought that this would be a bit ambitious for someone with a hangover, but the Pillsbury biscuits and gravy mix make this recipe a cinch to execute; I think I threw the whole thing together in about fifteen minutes. Once it was together, it was delicious. The slightly-sweetened and fatty sausage paired with a fluffy biscuit and nutritious egg is exactly the kind of fare I crave when I'm feeling my worst, though it's even more enjoyable when consumed while not hungover.

This recipe is definitely deserving of a trophy, dearest mORGAN, and yours is "Love is Like a Bottle of Gin" by The Magnetic Fields, because gin is why I was hungover in the first place. (And thus why I needed this recipe.)

Moving right along.

Next Monday is Memorial Day, marking the beginning of barbecue season. I don't host many BBQs, but I do attend them, and I make it a point to never show up empty-handed. I like to bring dessert -- because I like to eat dessert -- and though I'm sure most hosts expect me to show up with the newest Oreos, I am much more likely to bring a simple pound cake with seasonal berries and some cream to whip.

Pound cakes are notoriously fickle, requiring exact measurements and room temperature ingredients, but I've found the recipe in the Six-Ingredient Solution from America's Test Kitchen to be on point. It involves pouring hot butter into a food processor with the sugar and eggs, and it never fails; I get excellent pound cake every time.

So unless someone requests I bring something specific (like plates or salad or whatever) I bring this cake. Because I know this cake will turn out well and not embarrass me in front of my friends.

So I want to to know what recipes you rely on when going to a potluck. Sweet or savory, appetizer or main, family recipe or something you found on Pinterest. It can be anything as long as it's a recipe worthy of the name "ol' faithful."