Glitter in Your House & Twigs in Your Yard = DIY Faux Antler Wall Art!

I have twigs in my yard, you have twigs in your yard -- let's make the neighbors think we're weirdos by wandering around picking up the sticks that look the most like antlers. OK?
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February 28, 2012
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Taxidermy/faux taxidermy, it's played out, right? WHO CARES? Sometimes a project is so cute, fun & easy, you just go for it. For me, those projects are glitter-y as HELL.

My local craft source, for better or worse (usually better) is JoAnn Fabric. They are giant quasi-Michael's equivalents now and when I was still nannying, we could pop it and always come up with a cool little something to make that day for a mere pittance.

These small wooden plaques are seriously like $.79 and $1.29 and I've wanted to make sweet craft to them for a long while. Enter my true loves: Cheap Drill, Tons O'Glitter, Random Yard Waste and Elmers Glue.

I laid out a bunch of old magazines and grabbed some cardboard to aid (in vain, generally) in my glitter-containment. I buy the bundles of mystery magazines from my local indie bookstore, Quimby's, on occasion and they make for a very sensory-stimulating work area.

Note my pencil lines on the plaque above. I'm left-handed and right-brained and was very proud of this attempt to align the drill-holes for my twiggy antlers. I drilled at a slight angle so the twigs would rest to the sides instead of sticking straight out. You understand, you're smart. I also used my twigs as a guide for which drill bit to use, obvs (or not).

I rubbed Elmers glue all over the 1st plaque and shook shook shook glitter all over it. Then carefully shook off the excess glitter and sloppily returned it to the rightful glitter tube/jar thingy.

Then I moved on to another plaque and another delectable shade of pink glitter. I knew I was going to glue a cutie heart plaque on top of this one so I spared the center.

I'm really like a toddler at the sand table with the glitter. IT'S GLITTER.

The twigs got the same treatment: rubbed glue all over them & shook shook shook the magical snowy dust all over.

Next, I glued the glittery "antlers" into the plaque and set it aside to dry, even though I constantly wanted to touch it because it's shiny.

My excellent gold heart then was glued down to the lighter pink plaque. I originally intended to glue twig antlers to this combo also, but became so inamored by it's natural state that I left it as is. It's like a love trophy!

I left them precariously in the middle of my living room floor to dry overnight, my husband again showed tremendous trust and patience, and I hung them on the wall aside my favorite 60s monkey stretched-fabric wall hanging (aha!

THAT was my Valentine's present from Mike last year

! Or the year before).

I love the shadows and the overall look of these little simple darlins' and would love to experiment with some chopped plastic animals or some variety of faux-award tchotchkes to add for righteous prizes to hand out at future karaoke parties or whatnot. You guys give out trophies for home karaoke contests, right?