RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Forget Valentine's Day! What Are You Making for Galentine's Day?

"Uteruses before duderuses."
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February 10, 2015
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Welcome back, party people. Last week, I asked you for dessert recipes that didn't require a stand or hand mixer, because mine is in storage. I guess I should have asked for recipes that "don't require that much stirring because I have the arm strength of a garden snake," because — as many of you pointed out — you can make any dessert without a mixer if you try hard enough and believe in yourself.

So this week I am asking for something much more reasonable: Egg recipes that don't require a sous vide, because mine is still at the store.

I jest.

Luckily, most of you humored me and provided many delicious desserts that needed little-to-no mixing. The most up-voted was a hot little dish called "Brownie Pie" that comes to us by way of commenter MLS1019:

Being from the South, I had heard of this dish (which is somewhere in between molten chocolate cake and cherry cobbler) referred to as "Dump Cake," but I like "Brownie Pie" better because it doesn't have the word dump in it. So good naming.

Not only did this dessert require no mixing whatsoever, it was forbidden, making this the easiest pan of chocolaty goodness I've ever had the pleasure of making. I took the chocolate-cherry theme a little further and topped it with Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia.

Your trophy, MLS1019 is "Take Your Mamma" by the Scissor Sisters, because my mom loves cherries and chocolate and would really love this dessert.

Now for Claire's choice.

This week, I am choosing a Lithuanian classic, or so I am told. Elena Svereikaite was kind enough to share her amazing no-bake cake recipe with us, and the moment I laid eyes on it, I knew I had to make it mine.

I must admit, I altered this recipe slightly. I chose this because it sounded amazing, but also because I had a ton of cookies left over from my s'mores post, and I was worried about them going stale. So instead of using digestive biscuits or butter cookies, I used those Trader Joe's maple sandwich things, speculoos cookies, Oreos, and stroopwaffles. I hope that's okay.

I dare say it turned out alright. Having never made one of these before, I'm not positive I got the cookie size right, but this thing was delicious. It was almost like fudge, with the cookies and nuts providing crunchy relief from the rich, buttery texture, which was a great feature because it allowed me to keep shoveling it in my mouth.

Your trophy, Elena, is "Baby" by Ariel Pink, because this cake is "so baby."

Your next quest awaits.

If you have been in a grocery store, drugstore, or gas station recently, you are probably aware of the fact that Valentine's Day is just around the corner. I could ask you what you plan to make for your Valentine, but that feels a little obvious. Instead, I want you to tell me what you will be making (or wish you could make) for Galentine's Day, that magical day founded by St. Knope to honor and celebrate female friendships.

In other words, I want these recipes to embody the "uteruses before duderuses" spirit of the holiday.

I'll go first. I have several best gals, but they are scattered far and wide. If I could be together with them on this magical day, I would make them each a meal that embodies our individual friendships. (I realize that I may be deviating from Galentine's day tradition by not making brunch, but I doubt I'd get up early enough to pull that off.)


I've known Stacy since I was 12, and we share a love for meat and potatoes that is deep and true. I would make Stacy a cast-iron-seared ribeye (butter in the pan) with a side of cheesy mashed potatoes and maybe a green vegetable. We'd wash it all down with Theobroma from Dogfish Head, as is our custom.


I've probably shared more fancy meals with Danielle than any of my other gals. She has a taste for the finer things, but I'd probably try to impress her with something simple and classic. Grilled shrimp and asparagus with perfectly whipped sweet potatoes, paired with a crisp white sangria.


Kathleen is a vegetarian, but we make it work through a mutual dedication to cheese, alcohol, and fried potatoes. Katie would be served portobello mushroom lasagna, but instead of a proper wine pairing, we would just drink gin. Dessert would be cookie butter from the jar.


Britt was my college roommate, so I'd bring back an old favorite, most likely broiled sweet and spicy chicken thighs with loaded mashed potatoes and Rice Crispie Treats for dessert, eaten from the pan before they fully set, as is her custom. We'd drink whiskey, because Britt is the one who got me into the stuff.


Brooke is super chill and lives by the beach, so we'd probably put margaritas in plastic water bottles and take them down to the water. After a day of drunken splashing, I'd grill her up some lobster tails and whip up a green salad. Dessert would be more margaritas.

Alright, your turn! What would you make for your best gals? Include an alcohol pairing for extra credit!