Don't Fear "The Beaver": DIY Fun With Birth Control Pills

When it comes to the case my birth control lives in, I like to keep it classy. So I went all DIY on it.
Publish date:
August 2, 2012
birth control, fun, decorating

Birth control packaging hasn't changed much over the last six decades since its debut in the states. Although I have to admit, most manufacturers do a decent job with their cases, which resemble the ever-feminine compact in pretty pastels like pink or light green. But, being a creative type, I figured I'd take my contraception to the next level with my crafting skills and DIY a few adjustments. I proud of my reproductive rights and I want my case to show it.

Let's start with something easy. GLITTER!


You can easily glam up your birth control by painting a design, or doing a little decoupage. I decided to take ownership of my birth control by monogramming it.

First paint your initials in glue, and sprinkle a ton glitter on top.

Now you'll never have one of those sitcom style mishaps by confusing your Aviane control with your friend's Yaz. Actually that could've been a very special episode of "Friends."

The Pouch

Now that the easy stuff's over (like winning the right to our bodies) let's try something a little tricky. For discreet types, this is the perfect project: a cute little pouch.

Start by cutting a piece of fabric that is one inch wider on both sides than your birth control case, and about three times as long.

Iron the seams on the long sides first.

Next, iron the seams for the short sides, then pin and sew the short sides. Sew along the bottom of the seam to leave room for a drawstring.

Once the short side seams are sewn, fold the fabric in half -- inside out -- and pin in place.

Sew the sides, stopping where the side stitch meats the top stitch, so you don't close up the area for the drawstring.

Attach a safety pin to the end of a ribbon or piece of string, and thread it through the opening at the top of the pouch.

Insert birth control, pull the pouch closed, and tie a nice bow for a sweet presentation. No one but you will know what's inside.

The Mascot

If you're sewing machine adverse, or just not that into ribbons, then why not skip the needle and thread and go straight for the faux fur? For you bold types out there, I present The Beaver.

Start by tracing the size and shape of your case onto the back of a scrap of "fur."

Now gather a few craft supplies like glue, pipe cleaners, beads, cardstock and decorative paper...

1. Cut the fur to fit the top of your case and glue on.

2. Using card stock and decorative paper cut and glue the "tail" to the bottom of your case.

3. Glue on pipe cleaners for her brushy brows, beads for her eyes, more card stock for her buckteeth and BOOM! It's birth control and beaver time. It's birth control and beaver time!

Just imagine what your friend will say at parties when you bust this bad boy out of your clutch. Anyone else have some fun ideas for joojing up your lady candy?