No, It's Not Too Soon: Five Geeky Holiday Gifts to Start Making NOW

How do you expect to brag like a jerk about how much work you put into your holiday gifts if you don't start crafting them NOW?!
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October 10, 2011
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As a kid, I always rolled my eyes at old people who talked about how quickly "time flies" -- but now that I'M "old people," I have to agree. Guys, retail stores are freaking me out right now. I haven't even picked out a Halloween costume, and already I'm seeing Christmas cards and twinkle lights lining the shelves at Target. I am so not ready for this.

So, I'm gonna pull a Martha and start prepping for the holidays now. As an avid crafter, I love to give handmade gifts. I really do believe they mean more, plus you can brag about how you put soooooo much work into them. I also know a lot of geeks (I'm counting myself among that number, of course), so I wanna skew my projects toward that demographic.

In the same boat as yours truly? Here are five different craft projects you can start making now . Of course, I only recommend making such an effort for people you actually care about. The rest of the jokers on your gift list can content themselves with stuff from the dollar store or something, who cares?

Pac-Man Ghost Crochet Pattern ($3, available from Liebe9 on Etsy): You'd be hard-pressed to find a videogame character cuter than these little mofos. Q-Bert, maybe, though he comes off a little desperate. I'm strictly a beginner-level crocheter, but this look to be a fairly simple project even I could handle. The PDF the seller sends you is available with American, British or Swedish crochet terms, which should make things a bit easier on you international crafters. Stuff 'em with catnip and you'd have some pretty choice cat toys on your hands.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Cross-Stitch Pattern ($4 from Lexysaurusrex on Etsy): A popular quote from Season 2, Episode 2 of Buffy, spoken in jest by my favorite super-sarcastic, stake-wielding blond cheerleader. A good choice, since it's a lot less cheesy than some of the other patterns I've seen out there that focus mainly on all the lovey-dovey crap about the show. To me, that's barfy -- not Buffy.

Admiral Akbar Knit Doll Pattern ($4 from Carbonscoring on Etsy) Look at this crazy dude! Chin tendrils, bobbled eyballs -- making this guy is an undertaking strictly for someone you are absolutely crazy about, who is likewise crazy for Star Wars. Admiral Akbar is one of the most iconic and oft-quoted ("It's a trap!") characters from Lucas's ubiquitous series, and he's a whole lot cuter than your average sock monkey.

The Breakfast Club Cross-Stitch Pattern ($6 by The Pixel People on Etsy) OK, so this is less geeky than it is '80s-nostalgic, but it's so adorable I had to include it. Besides which, if John Hughes isn't your speed, the shop also stocks patterns paying homage to The Lord of the Rings, The Watchmen, Harry Potter, Hellboy...oh, so much greatness.

Dobby the House Elf Crochet Pattern ($5 from Melissina on Etsy): Maybe I should be, but I'm not ashamed to tell you that I've seen every Harry Potter movie in the theater, on opening day -- most at midnight shows. I was totally one of "those people" sniffling loudly and watery-eyed when Dobby bit the big one. If someone crocheted me a stuffed house elf, it might help dull the pain a bit. You could also make this same pattern, give him a loincloth instead of a toga, then roll it in mud and say it's Gollum.

How far ahead do you guys start making holiday gifts? Got any amazing projects planned? Let me know in the comments!