A Fancy But Lazy Girl's Victory Roll Tutorial

Pretty much all my hair care revolves around wanting to be glamorous, but also being kind of lazy.
Publish date:
May 17, 2013
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Pretty much all my hair care revolves around wanting to be glamorous, but also being kind of lazy so, over time, I devised a variety of hair styles to fit my life. Most of the time, I’m a night-owl so I’ll do the rag rolls for easy, morning get-up-and-go curls. Victory rolls mean that I was too lazy to rag roll my hair the night before, but still wanted to look cute in the morning.

I’ll usually start with straight hair, create the victory rolls and use a curling iron on the rest of my hair. I use the curling iron in big sections of my hair to give it a sort of wave rather than spending time doing section-by-section curling.

This time around, I started with rag rolls. I had some time the night before and they’re easier to turn into victory rolls since they take shape overnight.

To start, you’ll need a bristle brush, a comb, about 5-6 bobby pins, hairspray and a curling iron if you started with straight hair.

I always comb my hair to the right, opposite of my bangs, but depending where your natural part is, you might need to section your hair one side or the other. You can use the comb to create a deep side part.

Then take the comb and divide the left side of your hair (or the side with less hair) into a front section about two inches wide.

Use your brush under the new section to give texture to the hair nearest to your crown. Don’t brush too much since you don’t need to volumize. It’s just for a bit of hold once the victory roll goes up. You can add a little hairspray as well if you’ve got some flyaways in your section. If the front ends up a little messy, just brush it out. Don’t worry about brushing through the front curl.

Put two fingers near the mid-section of your hair and roll the rest of your hair around it, tucking the ends of your in so it all rolls neatly together. Take your fingers out, and while keeping the roll together, keep rolling until you get to the top.

Once you have a nice mini roll, put a bobby pin in the front of your roll on the bottom part of the section. Then, put a bobby pin in the back to keep it all together. Once your roll is in place, it should be a mini O-shape that you can see through. You can wear it like that, but personally, I like to pin the smaller roll down using one more bobby pin. I push the roll back and pin it down very slightly so that you can’t see straight through it anymore.

Now, starting on the other side of your hair, create a section with a clean line about two inches wide.

Hold your hair about the middle of your section.

Follow the previous instructions and make sure not to get too much hair in this section or it’ll be harder to take shape. If your victory roll comes out a bit wonky, just section the part again with a tiny bit less hair.

This roll will have a much more rolled-look from your ear to the top of your hair.

Looks like we are victorious!

Lastly, you know how much I love to tease so I brush the remaining curls a bit and tease underneath the hair. I play with the texture and if there’s too much tease frizz, I add a little serum to calm it down.