DO IT! YOURSELF! Hanging Jewelry Display

You can make this. Yes, even YOU. 3 item material list, 2 tools, 1 life to live tangled-necklace-free. BLAST OFF!
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August 18, 2011
DIY, craft shows, jewelry holder, no more tangly necklaces

Tired of all your cute and beautiful necklaces balling up in your jewelry box like a maddening and not cute Katamari? Looking for an excuse to buy chicken wire? I was just like you!

The solutions I've liked the best have always been DIY jobbers commonly spied at craft shows. Give yourself the gift of organized jewelry, the cute indie designer way.

Here's what you need:


1. A roll of chicken wire. I found a 2X10 ft roll for about $6 at Home Depot.

2. A frame. Can be vintage, thrift, dollar store, something recycled from your own stash of currently unloved wall hangings. Mine came from TJ Maxx, on clearance for $16 because I wanted something BIG.

3. Little gold cup hooks. Cheap, 5 or so per pack, Home Depot.


1. Wire cutters from the dollar store (or your tool box)

2. Staple gun, my best friend & lover

Cup hooks are the awesomest because you just screw them right in with your bare paws. Works easily on a wooden OR plastic frame! So go ahead, screw in as many cup hooks as your heart desires or your frame can accommodate.

Set you frame on top of your chicken wire and clip away. You can always trim up after you staple (spoiler alert!), so don't sweat the measurements. I like to keep it loose. Like my women and my sweatpants.

Staple, staple, staple, firmly and all the way around the back of your frame.

Be careful, right when I was thinking, "I LOVE MY STAPLE GUN!!" I cut my finger refilling the staples.

(my rings are ALL METAL, like my soul, and come from Macha.)

Voila! Flip, hang and fill with all your precious treasures.

You willl make these for holiday and birthday gifts because you love yours so much. Plus you have like 8 feet of chicken wire left!

Here's the finished display again so you don't have to go all the way back to the top.

xo, Rachel McP


Make & send us pics!