Gabi Makes It: DIY Hand Chain Jewelry Edition, Plus Sign Up for a Kollabora Giveaway!

I have found a DIY heaven for incurable craft fiends everywhere. And they're having a giveaway!
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November 13, 2012
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You guys, I’ve found a glorious DIY heaven for incurable craft fiends everywhere. It’s called Kollabora and, BOY, is it awesome. The website features tutorials and DIYs for anything ranging from jewelry to cute knitted dresses, but what makes Kollabora really unique is that it’s actually a social platform where users can freely post DIY ideas of their own (and receive feedback, suggestions, and probably endless amounts of PRAISE) or shop around for unique, new projects to try.

There is also a “making friends” section of the site where users can obsessively follow reigning (and unbelievably talented) DIY queens. Fangirls rejoice.

So after making this discovery this past week, and as I attempted to fight off post-hurricane vacation lethargy (the fact that I’m constantly blaring Christmas songs and sipping hot cocoa isn’t helping my current state any), I decided to do a quick Kollabora DIY.

But before we get to that: THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT, Y’ALL. Kollabora is having a major giveaway!

How major, you ask? 200-dollars-kind-of-major. If you sign up HERE, you are eligible to win a $200 gift certificate for Kollabora’s hard-to-find, carefully curated DIY supplies.

Obsessive crafting can get pricy. SO WHY NOT SIGN UP FOR FREE SUPPLIES?

After all, free supplies can help you make cool things like this awesome “Hand Chain.” Personally, I saw the tutorial and decided I needed to make one immediately.

It's such an easy accessory to make! Try out these simple steps:

STEP ONE: Measure the ring part of the bracelet by wrapping the chain around the finger you intend to wear it on.

STEP TWO: Snip the chain. Don't worry if the ring is too big because you can always size down later.

STEP THREE: Close the ring by slipping both ends of the chain into a jump ring.

STEP FOUR: Measure out the bracelet portion of this accessory.

STEP FIVE: Add a jump ring to one end of the bracelet.

STEP SIX: Add a jump ring with a lobster claw to the other end of the bracelet.

STEP SEVEN: Take a separate piece of chain and attach it to the jump ring on the finger part of the accessory.

STEP EIGHT: Slip the ring onto your finger and measure the length of the chain down to the wrist part of the bracelet.

STEP NINE: Fold the bracelet in half to determine where the middle link is.

STEP TEN: Attach the separate chain piece to the middle link of your bracelet. Use a jump ring.

STEP ELEVEN: The final product should end up looking like this!

This hand accessory is the perfect balance of delicate and eccentric, which, if you know me at all, is very up my alley. And that is precisely what I like about Kollabora in general. All of the DIYs exhibit a perfect balance of originality and irrefutable style.

The perfect reason to sign up HEREand enter to win a $200 gift certificate! If I won, I’d wade through a makeshift pool of bracelet charms and rainbow beads. What would you all like to make?

Sponsored by Kollabora.