RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Let's Make Our Own Condiments!

Do you have a secret sauce?
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June 23, 2015
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Hey cats and kittens! Welcome back to another rooty tooty fresh and fruity installment of Recipe of the Week. Last week, we used our collective smarts to help our very own Tynan Sinks find a new pre-workout smoothie.

It was quite a comments section. We swapped recipes, discussed Quest Bars at length, and had a few laughs along the way. Tynan chose his favorite and tested it out, but we'll get to that in a moment. First, we have to talk about votes.

The most up-voted recipe was all too real and comes to us from ellyroe:

1. Come home from work starving

2. Grab a responsible number (4-5) tortilla chips from pantry and eat with guac from fridge while standing at counter

3. Continue to eat chips and guac, standing at counter, in batches of 4 chips, putting the bag away between each batch, swearing you'll work out now

4. Repeat for 15 minutes

5. Half-ass ab workout because too guilty to skip it from eating for 20 minutes instead of working out but too full of guac to do it properly

6. Eat dinner like you full assed your workout

This is so up my alley it's not even fair. I made it to step 5, but instead of half-assing an ab workout I half-assed my run. It actually wasn't bad at all. Guac is plant based and pretty healthy when compared to my "normal" diet, so all in all I think we did a good job here, ellyroe! Your trophy is "Midnight City" by M83 because it is one of my favorite running songs.

And now for Tynan's Choice:


The recipe I used was from "huh," who is actually the second comment down. A lot of commenter's recipes mirrored huh's, but that one just put everything together for me. The only difference is that I used soy milk instead of almond milk.

For quick/shorter runs after work I like to eat a string cheese like 15-20 minutes beforehand (doesn't work for the lactose intolerant though. Sorry, Tynan!). A handful of almonds is great too! Before longer runs on weekends I like to eat potatoes (one half potato: sliced, lightly sprinkled with olive oil, baked) and one egg (however you prefer it cooked, though hardboiled make a nice quick treat) . Potatoes are great running fuel! My other more simple weekend go-to is avocado toast on sprouted grain bread. I mash the avocado with a fork to make it creamy. I'm also a big fan of smoothies but I keep it simple: 1 cup pineapple, 1 cup almond milk, 3 tbsp protein powder (i use hemp), and a handful of spinach. Sometimes I'll add half an avocado too. The pineapple has enough natural sugar to not need any honey/agave/whatever. Pretty delicious, light, and easy to make.

It's light and sweet, but not too sweet, and most important, matches my hair, and I do my best to only drink things that match my hair. I feel like I could add a lot of different fruits to this and it would still be delicious. I might fuck around and throw in a banana!


Huh's trophy is "No Words" from Erik Hassle, because it's one of my favorite songs of the summer and because I ~can't get enough~ of that smoothie [painting nails emoji].

Next topic.

As you may or may not know, I am kind of obsessed with making my own condiments, especially curry ketchup. I'm actually surprised I hadn't assigned it as a topic already. Luckily, commenter Janelle -- who goes by JP around these parts -- suggested it just in time for grilling season! So let's do it to it! What are your favorite recipes for ketchup, mustard, mayo and relishes? Do you make your own hot sauces, rubs, and salad dressings? Do you have a secret sauce? (I am so excited!)