RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Your Favorite Homemade Dips and Spreads (a.k.a. Foods for Dunking/Smearing Other Foods In)

Plus: more ideas for popcorn toppings than you could ever possibly need.
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February 24, 2015
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Welcome back to another installment of Recipe of the Week! Last week, we shared award-winning snacks for Oscar viewing parties, and you really blew it out of the water. The popcorn recipes alone. (We'll come back to popcorn in a minute.)

The most up-voted recipe was a vision of gooey cheese, brought to us by Plumeria:

These were easy to make and quite impressive. The brie, pistachios, and honey played really nicely together and created a creamy, funky, salty-sweet explosion of taste. Perfect for high-brow snacking.

I actually made them twice. Once for tasting and picture-taking, and then another time for actual Oscar-viewing. I paired them with the Cherry 7-Up I had leftover from last week (in a champagne glass because I am very fancy).

Plumeria's trophy is "Just Like Honey" by The Jesus and Mary Chain, because there's honey on these, and I'm feeling really literal today.

Picking a Claire's Choice was tough. Like I mentioned above, you all really brought it, and I scrolled through the comments at least 10 times before making my mind up. I eventually went with "The Whitest Oscars Ever" by Dee, because the name made me laugh very hard. Probably a little too hard.

You could make your own cheesecake bites but because I'm lazy, I went with the frozen ones from Target. I tempered some white chocolate, spooned it on top of the bites, and let it set.

These were quite tasty and quite easy to assemble, so it's a win all around. Dee's trophy is "Sugar, Sugar" by The Archies, because these bites are very sweet and The Archies are very white. (I told you I was in a literal mood.)

Good job, you two.

About that popcorn. I am obsessed with all of these toppings you beautiful people came up with. It seemed a shame to just pick one, so instead of doing that, I've compiled a list of all the popcorn recipes and toppings mentioned in the comments.

Excellent Popcorn Ideas From the Collective Culinary Genius of the xoFood Collective:

  • Top with shaker Parmesan, garlic powder, salt, and pepper (from clulu7779)
  • Drizzle on brown butter and shake on some salt (from apparently_so)
  • Pop in coconut oil topped with nutritional yeast and salt OR top with butter, Parmesan, and truffle salt (from Meowzeltov Cocktail)
  • Pop in truffle oil, top with parmesan and black pepper (from ladycat)
  • Top with grated cheddar and fresh-pressed garlic (from SueK)
  • Top with truffle oil and ghost pepper salt (from YourLibrarian)
  • Air-pop and top with TJ's Himalayan Salt with Truffles OR TJ's Sugar and Cinnamon grinder OR melted butter with chili powder (3/4 tsp.), garlic salt (1/2 tsp.), and ground cumin (1/4 tsp), with fresh grated lime zest on top (from amyk)
  • Drizzle on some garlic-infused olive oil and top with ALL OF THE SALT (from Amy C)
  • Top with melted butter, Parmesan, and loads of salt (from splendorofmorgan)
  • Top with sea salt, cinnamon, and xylitol or maple syrup (from its complicated)
  • Top with a soy sauce-butter mixture, nutritional yeast, Japanese shichimi togarashi, Maldon flaked sea salt, and Parmesan (from Kelsey)
  • Pop in vanilla-infused olive oil (from Bobcat Velveteen)
  • Top with salt, cayenne pepper, and ground Sichuan peppercorns (from stella)
  • Shake a bag with a packet of Kraft macaroni and cheese powder and a tablespoon of dry mustard (It says from "Guest," but I know there was a name attached to this.)
  • Pop in canola oil and top with sumac and garlic OR with shaved BellaVitano (both from Samantha S)
  • Top with combinations of the following: shimi togarashi, za'atar, furakake, and smoked sea salt (Based on what Anchovy Parade's husband has been sneaking from the cupboard.)
  • Bourbon Bacon Caramel Corn (Again, it says from "Guest" but I know this had a name with it originally.)
  • Valentine's Popcorn (from shinyredthermos)
  • Reese's Peanut Butter Popcorn (from Booger)
  • Confetti Corn with almond bark and sprinkles (from ComiqLee): "Melt the almond bark. Dump your popcorn into a paper grocery sack. Drizzle in the melted bark. Fold down the top and shake, shake, shake like you mean it. Dump onto a surface lined with wax paper. Shake on the sprinkles, again like you mean it, because this corn is festive. Walk away. Come back in 20 minutes or however long it takes to set. Take pride in your pretty (and addictive) accomplishment."
  • A simple and sweet recipe (from Raissa Franca): "It's 2 cups of raw popcorn, 1 1/2 of sugar, 1 of water, and 1/2 of sunflower oil (or any oil, really). You just have to mix the ingredients and, when the popcorn starts to pop, shake the pot a bit. It's that easy."
    So, if you ever need popcorn ideas, considered it sorted.
    Next subject.

This shouldn't be surprising to anyone, but I love dips and spreads. (Who doesn't?) I love dipping foods in other foods. I believe that vegetables, breads, and chips are all improved upon with the application of a spread, dip, or salsa; these things are just delivery systems, really.

I love them all, but my favorite dip ever was this ham and cheese fondue that Sean ordered at Au Cheval in Chicago. It was decadent.

Based on the Super Bowl ROTW, I know you guys are good at dips. So give me your best dips, spreads, and shmears. Give me your pâté, your guacamole, your hummus. If you can dip another food in it, I want it.

The only rule is that it has to be transported to your mouth by an edible vehicle. Other than that, there are no rules.