Recipe of the Week: How Do You Dress Your Deviled Eggs?

Relish or no relish?
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June 9, 2015
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Greetings recipe wizards, and welcome back to another episode of the dramatic and exciting Recipe of the Week. Last week we were talkin' fresh, fruit-forward cocktails, and this refreshing winner could not have come at a better time.

This is not a real thing, but I recently stuck a Tupperware container full of Prosecco and raspberries into the freezer just to see what would happen. When I took it out the next day, it was like a giant vaguely sparkling Italian ice studded with surprise fruit. 10/10 would recommend

As yamsalot pointed out, this is most definitely a real thing; it's a very simple granita. This sparkling treat of wonder is not only a thing of beauty, but is perhaps the easiest ROTW I've ever had the pleasure of making. All you have to do is dump some (rinsed) raspberries in a freezer-safe container, pour a bottle of Prosecco over them while channeling Beyoncé, and freeze.

In addition to requiring very little work, this concoction is also super cooling and invigoration, which is great because it has been balls hot here in Portland recently. (Like, record-breaking heat. In the 90's. This wouldn't be such a big deal, except I don't currently own an air conditioner.)

What I'm saying is, this icy treat is just what the doctor ordered; it's perfect for scooping down your gullet on the hottest of summer days, preferably in a rocking chair on a big wrap-around porch.

How does it taste? It tastes just like Prosecco, only very very cold. (Hi, I'm a food writer.) I was worried there would be watery portions and super intense ethanol-y portions, but it all froze very evenly, and the result is delightful. The raspberries are a nice juicy, summery surprise every couple of bites, but they don't over power.

So I must thank you Maddie Howard from the bottom of my heart for:

A) Giving me very little work to do


B) For cooling me down a few degrees.


C) Showing me a new, delicious way to get a lil' bit tipsy.

Your trophy is "Rocking Chair" by The Band, because I wish I had a rocking chair and wrap-around porch to consume this on. (I don't. I have a cement porch and a little swingy love seat thing that belongs to the upstairs neighbors.)

Next topic!

Around lunchtime yesterday, I was boiling eggs for a salad when it occurred to me that the noble deviled egg had never been crowned champion of Recipe of the Week. Considering how fantastic deviled eggs are, this is a travesty. I mean, I know there has been discussion of them in other posts -- I'm pretty sure BobcatVelveteen posted a deviled egg recipe in ROTW: Potluck Edition -- but I think they deserve to be the star of their very own article.

We need to let them shine, my friends.

Deviled eggs are one of those things that people have opinions about. How much mayo? How much mustard? Paprika or no? (I'm Team Paprika, for the record.) My own grandmother and I have had heated words over whether or not to add relish (I always add relish; I love relish).

Deviled eggs not only inspire impassioned debate, but creativity as well. You can top them with bacon, caviar, pickled vegetables, even popcorn! You're only as limited as your imagination, so feel free to go crazy with this. Bonus points for egg crossovers, like deviled scotch eggs; immediate disqualification for use of Cadbury Eggs. (Haven't we suffered enough?)

Just make sure there's some paprika. I love paprika.