Deckin' the Hallz: Five Super Cute Ornaments to Make & Buy!

Paper snowflakes and construction paper chains are indisputable holiday decorating classics, but these ornaments will kick your holiday décor up a great big holly, jolly notch.
Publish date:
December 5, 2011
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I don't like the holidays -- I love them. When Trader Joe's starts coating all of their foodstuffs in peppermint-studded chocolate, my happy endorphins kick in and all I want to do is get my jingle bell on. I watch Rankin/Bass animated Christmas specials, listen to weird and obscure holiday music mixes, plan out my elaborate wrapping paper schemes -- I do pretty much everything you can imagine short of styling my hair like the Heat Miser.

So obviously, trimming the tree is huge fun for me. I like to create a "base" for my ornament layering, starting off with standard colored balls, then adding in my crazy collection of vintage and handmade ornaments. I've been collecting them for years now, so the tree is an ever-evolving organism (albeit a non-living organism, since it's a bright white Martha Stewart artificial tree I got on clearance at Kmart years ago).

Since I'm always looking for new ornaments to display, I thought I'd share some of my finds with you! Most of these are ornaments for you to make, 'cause that's just how I roll, but you can still get some fun ideas from this even if you aren't craftily inclined. Better yet, guilt trip a friend into making them for you. Guilt is what the holidays are all about! (That and peppermint mochas.)

Jess has already explained to you guys what needle felting is, so why not try it out using this ridiculously adorable ornament kit fron Denver's coolest craft store, Fancy Tiger? It's an easy and addictive hobby, and once you get the hang of it you can make a whole menagerie of hipster-cool fauna for your flora.

OK, so it's another grey orb for the tree...what is this, a theme? BUT -- it's the Death Star rendered in LEGOs! Somewhere in your life, there's a nerd who needs this and doesn't know it yet. Learn to make your own from Chris McVeigh.

OK now, let's get some COLOR up in this hizzy. Not gonna lie, when I first laid eyes on the Midwest Maude Etsy shop, those eyes nearly exploded with glee. I am in deep and abiding love with her kooky and colorful Enid Collins-inspired, vintage-style ornaments. Seahorses, toadstools, owls, peacocks -- check out the whole array here.

I found this li'l guy hanging out on my friend Susan's tree. He's made from a kit sold by My Imaginary Boyfriend. You get the hand-silkscreened felt, embroidery floss, a silver hanger, and a needle. Each kit makes two robots. Oh, and did you know BLEEP BLOOP means "SANTA TURNS ME ON" in Robotese?

My friend Diane is majorly obsessed with plastic canvas, and she figured out how to make these @#^%@$ cute teeny gingerbread houses using plastic canvas, embroidery floss and sequins. The little shutters on the windows KILL ME. And it has a doorknob! AHHH! Dead.

If this gingerbread house is a bit on the sweet side for you, remember that you can always buy one of those pre-baked kits you assemble yourself and make it into whatever kind of house you want. There was, after all, the year my fella and I made a gingerbread whorehouse. It's your holiday, do what you want with it!