Craft Corner: Pretty Little Pom-Pom Clips

If I'm in a state of flux and turmoil, I might as well bedazzle. So let's make some peppy pom-pom hair clips, people.
Publish date:
September 28, 2012
accessories, hair clips

Last night, after staring at my long list of “To Do’s” and getting reasonably anxious, I finally came to the conclusion that crafting should obviously take precedence over anything else. I mean if I’m in a state of flux and turmoil, I’m sure as hell not going to be productive at school things. So I might as well bedazzle.

I decided that for my first real crafting post, I’d make pom-pom hairclips with you guys! I know I had mentioned doing crowns before, but I’m kind of over crowns. Plus, these clips are essential in making the ideal cheerleader pom-pom ponytail, which is clearly something I dig.

Before you start, though, you’re going to need a few things:

1.Conair Roller Pins.

These things are essentially huge bobby pins, so gluing stuff on is easy and sliding them into up-dos is even easier. You can use other kinds of clips as well, just make sure that they are big enough to work with and decorate.

2. Decorations.

I think a really cute idea for these would be Halloween-themed clips. I mean, we saw the cutesy little accessories one can acquire from the local party store, so why not super-glue those bad boys onto our heads! Well, not actually onto your head, but you get the idea. I glued Halloween bat, spider and skull rings (you know, those plastic, adjustable dollar ones?) onto my clips and made them look ever so sweetly menacing.

3. A hot glue gun, DUH.

If you need inspiration, check out these clips I made! I like the idea of putting sassy phrases on my cheery pink, fuzzy puffballs.

One of my sets even pays homage to “xoJane Beauty” because I love it so dearly. I’m a walking advertisement!

I made this quick little video to help you get started and to show you how to actually rock these in your hair. More importantly, though, what knick-knacks would you sport in your ponytail, beehive, or otherwise tall up-do? Also, what should I craft next week?