Papering your walls in weird stuff isn’t for everyone, but nothing makes me feel more at home.
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August 3, 2011
home decor, things that make me happy, collage, instead of drugs, the sads

HIII. SO, I was looking through some old photos and found a few of my collages over the years. I don’t know if any of you have noticed from the pictures that I post, but usually there’s like 40,000 things stuck to my wall behind me if the picture was taken in my house. Which is actually just a studio apartment in Alphabet City in downtown New York.

Where did this compulsion come from? I used to think it was “Adderall collaging”, because I was such massively disgusting prescription speed freak for 13 miserable years. But no – I’m no longer on that shit, and I want to collage more than ever! It’s just one of my many kooky addictions.

But if I think about it, it wasn’t the drugs: Like all patterns for compulsive behavior, my collaging started in childhood. I was ALL about the cast of “Saved By The Bell”, and it’s a testament to what I like to sulkily think of as my privileged but rather …. chilly upbringing that my parents never snapped a single photo of that room, which was super-awesome. I was a collaging wizard! For realz. I still am:

I grew up in a big stone-and-glass contemporary house on the outskirts of Northwest D.C. My room was in the basement next to the nanny’s, and it was literally wallpapered with teenybopper magazine tears that were mainly Mark-Paul Gosselar, Tiffani Amber-Thiessen and … you know the rest of the cast (it was really the College Years era when I got collage-obsessed; don’t make me type ‘Mario Lopez’).

Anyway, I was a pretty lonely kid stuck in a really dysfunctional family situation, and I used to just hole up in there and NEST. I guess throughout all these young adult years full of unhappiness and addiction, I did the same thing to self-soothe. Sometimes with a little Bieber!:

Now I am in a better place but I still like to stick stuff all over my walls to be EVEN happier. As décor situations go, it is a win-win these days:

My DIY collage tips:

1) Double-sided tape and flat thumbtacks are your friends (even if you feel like no one else is).

2) Color-copy photos from magazines on good paper whenever possible – the tears hold up much longer.

3) Bulletin boards covering a whole wall is the coolest look for a house there is.

4) Only one hour of creative collaging per day or you’re abusing it like a drug.

5) Send me photos of your wonderful walls at

Thoughts? Yeah, yeah; poor little rich girl; I know. See, I said it first so you can't. Or you still can. Whatever! xo